#47 Behind The Scenes: The Sedbergh Residential

From Newsletter 47
By Liz Carlile

So what goes on behind the scenes – behind my scalded cat imitation (I wish it were something more calm and lovely…)?

Well, here are a few of the things;
Talk to Andy about the programme
Talk to Margy (at Sedbergh) about accommodation
Talk to Sheila about publicity and coffee breaks
Talk to Ruth about numbers of players and parts
Talk to nervous people coming to Sedbergh for the first time to give them confidence
Talk to people who’ve been many times and ask them to complete a form
Talk to people who might be coming but haven’t told me yet and ask them to complete a form
And what might make me into the calm and lovely something-or –other?
Everyone’s form sent back at least a fortnight before the residentional and all cheques sent at least a week before.
It used to be easy to do things ‘in your head’ but we are a big organisation now and we have to be more formal.

So I look forward to receiving your forms and cheques and seeing you at Sedbergh – calm and quiet.
And just in case you wondered… I like doing it!

Posted by Catherine Shackell