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Once again, we have a jam-packed Cobweb News for you to enjoy, with several activities for you to get involved with starting this weekend!

In this weeks Cobweb News:
Cobweb Orchestra Virtual Concert Party!
Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Cobweb Virtual Orchestra needs a new Director
Guinea Pig Orchestra

Cobweb Orchestra Virtual Concert Party! 
Saturday 4th July, 7pm
FREE – Donations are gratefully received
To enrol, please click here
** To attend the concert, please click here on Saturday at 7pm! **

This Saturday 4th July, we will host our very first Virtual Concert Party, celebrating our players performances!

We are delighted to have 6 performers who are bravely going to showcase their  music, ranging from Brahms to Faure to contemporary works. We’re now looking for audience members who can support such a wonderful programme!

For those of you who feel like you’d like to perform, but at a later date, please do get in touch and we’ll add you to the list for a future performance.

The event will take place on Zoom, and you can either click the link above to join or Lorna will send out the meeting ID/password on Friday afternoon. When joining, please make sure you have set a full name on entry so I can recognise you and know you’re not a hacker!

Please do encourage your friends and family to join in to watch and support your colleagues and as ever, donations are gratefully received.

Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Thursday 9th July, 6pm

£4 Members, £5 Non Members

We are continuing to welcome any Cobweb player to join the Musical Book Club, even if you haven’t already been part of it. This week’s Book Club will see us delve deeper into the 3rd movement Scherzo and Trio from Schubert Symphony No. 9 by playing small segments and discussing the score in more detail. We are also delighted to have a few volunteers that will showcase particular examples throughout the discussion. The link below has clarinet parts in Bb and F horns, but no Bb trumpets. You can also access the score from there too.  All the parts have bar numbers and rehearsal letters, so no marking up is required.
Symphony No.9, D.944 (Schubert, Franz) – IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

We will meet on Zoom, which works on all computers, tablets and smart phones. You don’t need to have any special programmes or apps on your device to make it work, you just follow a link which will be sent to you from Lorna the day before the meeting.

Cobweb Virtual Orchestra needs a new Director

Having done a brilliant job of setting up the CVO and producing its first two videos, Jim Dunleavy has decided that it’s time to hand over to someone else. Please read his job description (below) and, if it appeals in any way, get in touch with me to discuss the next (very different) project.

Jim has also established a YouTube channel for CVO and wonders if those of you who are making your own videos might like to publish them there to reach a wider audience.

Finally, I’d just like to say a huge public/personal “thank you” to Jim for his foresight, persistence and energy in creating a project that has enabled Cobwebs to continue to make music even though we can’t meet in person.


Could you be the new Virtual Play Video Producer and Editor?

Our first virtual play and encore are finished and have been very well received. Unfortunately I have decided I can’t produce any more as the long spells of editing at the computer are aggravating my bad back.

However we still have more virtual plays to do, so this is a great opportunity for someone to take up the reigns and become the new Producer/Editor. This will involve working closely with Andy Jackson to create the click track video, produce the documentation for the players, receive all the video submissions and finally edit everything together and publish it on YouTube.

All the groundwork is done, and you would have access to all the templates, cloud drives and YouTube channel that have already been set up.

To get a better idea of what’s involved, there’s a great video available here – How to Create & Edit Virtual Ensembles! describing the whole process from start to finish (I wish it had been there before I started!). Naturally, I’ll still be available to help with advice and practical help if need be.

If you’re interested, please email Andy or me (I’m at ) .

Jim Dunleavy

Guinea Pig Orchestra
ENROL HEREMany of you will remember the GPO. It hasn’t met in recent years, but used to convene regularly to be experimented on (hence the name) by composers, arrangers and conductors.Well, the time is fast approaching when we might need to carry out some different orchestral experiments. As lockdown is easing we will need to learn how to play together taking into account whatever safety measures we are required to follow. We might also need to establish new procedures of our own.What Andy is proposing is that those of you who are happy to be involved in getting Cobwebs up-and-running again as soon as we are given the green light should become part of GPO by clicking on this link here. We will then have a list of players to contact, possibly at very short notice, to invite to a trial session or two before we attempt to put on any of our long-postponed events.GPO is open to everybody – all instruments, all levels of experience – having a representative spread of players will help make the trials as instructive as possible, so please sign up.That’s all for this fortnight, I look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Concert Party on Saturday!

Best wishes,
Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed