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A huge congratulations to those who performed as part of the Virtual Concert Party last weekend. Thanks to everyone as always for your support too – it’s always nice to see you there. Talking of which, our next Virtual Concert Party is part of our 25th Anniversary on the 3rd October. Maybe you have a piece you’d like to share that brings back fond memories of your Cobwebs experience? For more information, please see the website here and do let Lorna or Andy know if you’d like to get involved in performing!
Some of you may be aware that we were planning an event in Haxby on the 19th September. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the latest government announcement, we are going to have to put this on hold until we have had chance to work out whether it can indeed go ahead.
In this weeks Cobweb News
– The Social Lives of Composers – tomorrow night!
– Musical Book Club
– 200 Club

The Social Lives of Composers
Thursday 10th September, 6 pm – tomorrow! 
Hosted by Dr Catherine Preston
£3 to take part
This will be the first of a series that will uncover the some of the background to the lives of composers and the circumstances that influenced their music. The first session will look at the social life of Beethoven and feature some anecdotes and stories surrounding his life and work. We may even finish with a Zoom play-along.
Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Thursday 17th September, 6 pm
Members £4, Non-Members £5
This week’s book club sees us continuing to explore Bizet’s Symphony in C –  this time we’re looking at the final movement. After the success last week, we’re going to  play along to a recording – to ourselves when we recorded it in 2011! We are hopeful that Andy will be able to play the recording so he will be in time with his conducting!The link below will take you to where you need to download your part / score, but do get in touch if you need a hand.,_Georges)

We will meet on Zoom, and  you just follow a link which will be sent to you from Lorna the day before the meeting. We will continue to invite players to stay on the Zoom call longer to join a ‘breakout room’ to allow a chance for members to catch up with one another. Please let Lorna know in advance if there’s particular people you’d like to catch up with. Andy is likely to use this feature throughout the session to link up similar instruments or passages of music.

200 Club 

The 200 club is a fundraising, fun project. Half of the income raised is donated to Cobwebs funds & the other half is given out as prize money. A “ticket” is only £2 paid monthly & you can have more than one if you wish! If anyone would like to join in, please contact

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed