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We had an amazing evening with Peter Fisher and Peter Hewitt performing works by Kreisler, Ravel and D’Ambrosio. 🎶

Thank you to them both for sharing their incredible talent.

It’s important for us to honour HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with a memory of when he and the Queen met The Cobweb Orchestra on 18th July 2012.

Thanks to Sue Baker for the photos.




In this week’s Cobweb News
CVO 6 – The Performance
Live Recital with Amy Yule
Notes from the Chairman
200 Club

CVO 6 – The Performance
Saturday 17th April 7pm

Link here to watch it

Join us for the premiere of Cobweb Virtual Orchestra 6 where Mozart was performed live on Zoom

Yes, this really happened! In an attempt to play together during lockdown, we played through the Overture to The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart altogether on Zoom. This is what happened… …and the technical bits… we all played to a click-track backing version of the piece played live over Zoom. Our individual performances were recorded on our phones or tablet. The individual performances were then pieced back together to create the track you hear. The video was recorded live while the cut-aways were recorded as 5 second silent clips earlier in the meeting. So technically what you hear is the sound of all of us playing together for the first time in a year. Sort of. So, headphones on for the full online meeting experience.

A huge thanks to Steve for producing the video/sound for us, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it!

To watch the performance on Saturday, click here:

Live Recital with Amy Yule
Thursday 22nd April, 7pm

Join us for the next Live Recital where you can play along or simply listen as Amy Yule plays the brilliant Mozart Flute Concerto in G Major with accompanist Ben Powell.
You can download your part here: Flute Concerto in G major, K.313/285c (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) – IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

To enrol, please click here 

Words from the Chair:

Membership renewal
Many of you will be due to renew your annual membership this month.  It has been a hard year, but members have been supportive of our online events, and better times are ahead. I hope you will want to remain part of the Cobweb Orchestra Community. The membership subscription has not increased for more than a decade, and support is available from Cobfriends for members facing genuine hardship. The membership webpage is here:
To ease administration, please pay by BACS bank transfer or standing order if you can, but cheques to the membership secretary or your group secretary are acceptable. Please consider gift aid if you are a UK taxpayer. Note that you only have to complete the membership application and gift aid forms once, not every year.

Cobweb members survey
Last month we sent a survey to our members to find out which Cobweb events are most important to you. There were 137 responses, thank you to all who responded. There was some confusion about how the survey should be filled in, but the inconsistencies arising from this do not appear to impact the overall results. The main message is that the local weekly group rehearsals are by the far the most valued events. Non-residential weekend playing events are second, closely followed by Big Play days. Online sessions were ranked 9th out of 10, despite their considerable success during lockdown, and our usually oversubscribed residential events did not score highly either, perhaps for obvious reasons at this stage in history. These results will inform our planning for the transition from lockdown and the next 5 years.
To see further analysis of the results, please click here

Return to playing together
Based on current guidelines, it will be legal for amateur musicians to rehearse indoors from 17 May, but with very strict protocols. It is likely these will be less restrictive after 21 June. To get us started, a half day playing event at Dipton Jubilee community centre is being planned for 23 May, 2-6pm. This will be a test of our protocols and hopefully will pave the way for more one-off events and resumption of local weekly rehearsals. All this is preliminary, watch this space for more details soon.

Michael Cave

200 Club Results

The 200 club is a fundraising, fun project. Half of income raised is donated to Cobwebs funds & the other half is given out as prize money. A “ticket” is only £2 paid monthly & you can have more than one if you wish! If anyone would like to join in please contact

Thanks to all participants!

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra


Posted by Tracy Reed