A message about the summer holiday from Andy

The schools may be taking a Summer holiday, but Cobwebs isn’t…

Up until about 15 years ago, the Cobweb Orchestra, along with almost all other voluntary music organisations, used to have a to coincide with the school Summer holidays.
But then people started to ask why there was nothing happening between the middle of July and the middle of September, a period which could last up to 10 weeks. Even those who went on holiday then only did so for a couple of weeks, leaving lots of time when they might like to play their instruments in the company of like-minded folk.
So we began to put together a programme for the mid-Summer months which usually consisted of a concert, a workshop based around musical development rather than repertoire, and a study day focused on a big work.
2019 is no exception and you will have the opportunity to perform at the Musical Picnic on July 28th, take part in a Sight-Reading Day on 10th August, and join the talented singers of London-based Rogue Opera in an exploration of Bizet’s Carmen on 24 and/or 25 August.
Enrolments for the musical picnic are already underway, but more details about the last two will appear in Cobweb News over the next few weeks. Get the dates in your calendar if you’re interested.
On the subject of calendars – Do you ever look at the events page? There are activities there well into 2020 which you might like to be part of.

Posted by Tracy Reed