Cobfriends is an independent voluntary organisation that exists to support The Cobweb Orchestra and its players. Anyone who attends a Cobweb group or event is automatically a member. Funding comes from our weekly tea and coffee money and occasional low profile fundraising activities. The committee holds an annual meeting at one of our events.

It currently has 3 areas of activity:

  • Arranging for cards, flowers or gifts to be sent to members who are ill, or to guest artists as appropriate
  • Occasional provision of items for Cobwebs e.g. a conductor’s podium, marquee, the purchase of a piece of music for the library.
  • The provision of bursaries to keep us merrily playing away.

The Cobfriends Bursary Fund

This was set up to offer financial assistance with the cost of attending Cobweb events. A bursary may be awarded to an individual once per term. It does not include travel, accomodation or meals. Applicants will be considered on the basis of financial need as determined by income (e.g. unemployed, solely dependent on benefits, students).

Alternatively, Cobfriends can pay the annual membership fee (non-taxpayers rate) for an individual thus enabling them to attend rehearsals and events throughout the year at the lower membership rate. This would not preclude them from applying for a bursary the following term.

All applications are in confidence. Applications should be made to either the Chair or Treasurer of Cobfriends. Awards are determined by the decision of at least 2 members of the Cobfriends’ committee, one of whom must be either the Chair or Treasurer.

Please contact Claire Wipat: