Silver Anniversary 2020

The Cobweb Orchestra is now 25 years old!

We have enjoyed a fantastic weekend of virtual celebrations in October 2020, with performances, interviews and lots of lovely memories. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the preparations, to those who took part, and to our special guests. If you missed it, click here to see the timetable.

The very first Cobweb

It all started on 5 October 1995 in a small library in Annfield Plain in County Durham. It was only meant to be a set of ten evening classes designed to ‘Blow the cobwebs off your music stand’, but the players wanted it to continue, and the name stuck!

It’s amazing to think how this tiny group has since grown into nine different groups and that there have been so many different events.

Click here to find out what makes the Cobweb Orchestra! 


The World Wide Web 

It was very exciting when Cobwebs got its own website in 1999. Thanks to Colin Reed, who also later made sure our unique name was on Facebook and Twitter.

Our first website even had a spinning spider!

This is the website as it was in February 2003 before another one took its place.



Enjoy our video with things to remember  from each of our 25 years:


Please view the special editions that were put together by Nikki Lipinski to plan for our anniversary, featuring interviews with our Creative Director, Andy Jackson, and our four founder members:

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