#46 … and au revoir from me

from newsletter 46

liz portrait
Dear All
I’m saying only ‘Au revoir’ because although I’m handing over the main part of the administrative work for Cobwebs to Catherine, I’m going to keep doing the two home residentials,  Ridley Hall in the Autumn and Sedbergh in the Spring.  Catherine even has a formal name for me – Residentials co-ordinator.  So I shall still be emailing you and keeping in touch with you.
Alan, my husband, has always said that I only have one speech, and that’s ‘Thank you’.  And it has never been more appropriate than now.  For the last four years I have been Cobwebs’ administrator, and I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.  It hasn’t been setting up the systems we use, or counting the money, or recording the forms that came back (some never do), nor even playing music (because that has been hard and frustrating for most of the four years) that makes thank you appropriate.  It has been your support and friendship.  I am famous in my family for having the last word, so here it is;  The Last Word – Thank you!
Liz Carlile
(Who can mostly now, almost miraculously, play again.)

Posted by Catherine Shackell