Cobweb News 2.6.18

I hope you had a lovely half term and you’re looking forward to the rest of the Summer term – it’s going so fast!

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Cobweb News 25.05.18

Firstly, thank you all so much for your cooperation in the GDPR new list forming process. I haven’t replied to your emails (as there were around 250 of you) but I’m delighted so many of you have chosen to stay with us, and if you recieve this, you’ve done the right thing! I’m sure there will be people who missed out, so please forward this, and ask them to sign up at this link: Continue reading →

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Cobweb News 16.05.18

What a fantastic weekend we had! Firstly, a huge congratulations to those who played in the reopening of the Middlesbrough Town Hall event on Friday, I heard it was fantastic, and really well received by the very large audience! Below is a great pic of you all. Then Peter Wood’s Haydn Symphonies project reached it’s halfway point on Sunday, thanks to all those who are supporting the days, and thank you to Peter for all his hard work and knowledge. Continue reading →

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Quick notice about this weekend

A full Cobweb News will follow this week but at the moment we don’t have an orchestra that would do justice to Tanya joining us for the Schumann Cello Concerto day this Sunday at Eldon. We’re particularly short of upper strings and woodwind. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are intending on attending so we can work out if we have a feasible orchestra to run with.

The enrolment form can be found here.

Best wishes,

Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

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Cobweb News 02.05.18

What a fantastic event playing the Siblelius Violin concerto with Iona we had at the weekend, thanks to all of you who came along. I was impressed to hear the play through went very well! There’s lots more coming up this month that there’s still time to sign up to, so please do take a look below: Continue reading →

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Cobweb News 25.4.18

I hope you’ve had a nice few weeks and are ready to get back into a great term of events we have lined up for you! I heard that Sedbergh was a fantastic success, thanks to Christine and everyone who helped out. I’ve tried to keep this weeks news short, so please do read it, and keep an eye on the website for further updates. Continue reading →

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Cobweb News 12.4.18

I hope you’re all enjoying being back at your groups since Easter. You’ve got a few weeks until we have an event, so do get planning and enrolling, this half term looks a treat! We have a shiny new website too, more info below. If you’d like to give us any feedback about any of our events, there is a form that you can complete on the (new!) website. Continue reading →

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