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Membership fees

A message from Lesley Wearmouth about membership fees
If you are able to cast your mind back to last May to the AGM of the Cobweb Orchestra or to the minutes from that meeting, you will recall that one of the motions put forward was to increase membership fees from April 2010 to £40 for taxpayers and £25 for non-taxpayers (a £5 increase for both categories). The motion was voted upon and carried. This is our first membership increase since our independence three years ago and we hope it will contribute to our stable finances.
If you pay your membership fees by standing order you will need to arrange for it to be amended to take account of the new fees.

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Bargain offer!

2 bargain offers you can’t resist!
We’ve got the vocal scores and the orchestral parts for Carmina Burana for another week, so let’s make the most of them. This week only, come to Consett (St Patrick’s Church Hall) on Thursday November 12th, at 7.15pm, and grab your chance to play (or sing) Camina Burana at Cobwebs prices (£3.50 for members, £4.50 for non-members.)
On November 19th, same time, same place, come and attempt ‘The Firebird’. It’s our own Cobwebs prices again, £3.50/£4.50. Some people have borrowed music; if you have, please make sure you return it either this week or next.
Best wishes

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If you intend to go to Carmina Burana

at The Sage on Saturday, please book your place by getting a ticket in advance. There were over 60 enrolments on Monday, and the Box Office will not be allowed to take any more than 100 bookings. Telling Andy or me is helpful, but you MUST book your place through The Sage box office. It would be dreadful if people travelled a long way, as many of you do, only to find when you got to The Sage that there was no way of getting in to the event.
So I hope to see many of you on Saturday, but please buy your ticket first!

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Christmas music and a reminder

Please find attached the enrolment form for the Christmas music. Sheila Ryan (bassoon player in the Consett group) is arranging this event so please return your form to her, as well as directing any questions you may have about the event to her.
And now the ‘don’t forget’
Don’t forget ‘Dancing through Time’ in Bishop Auckland Town Hall on Sunday November 8th (rehearsal begins at 12 noon and the concert at 4pm), see the event details page for the enrolment form. There’s lots of room left if you would like to play – an interesting programme in a friendly setting.
Best wishes

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Mozart Requiem, November 28th and 29th 2009

The enrolment form for the Mozart Requiem, the main work (there will still be chances to play chamber music) at the residential weekend at Ridley Hall, is available to download from the event page. Do read it carefully. A full programme will be available when you arrive on the Saturday, but we will produce a draft programme as soon as we can.
And here are the the usual ‘don’t forgets’;
Carmina Burana on November 7th at The Sage Gateshead (booking ONLY through The Sage box office, tel. 0191 443 4661)
the BATH ‘Dancing through Time’ concert on November 8th (enrolment form available very soon)
the Ensembles weekend next weekend – if you know you are going to attend one of the groups, please send your cheque to me with the enrolment form. It will make the day easier for the group leaders.
Best wishes

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'Thank you' supper concert

‘Thank you’ Supper Concert
in Ridley Hall, Bardon Mill, Hexham, NE47 7BP
The enrolment form and information sheet for this event are now available for download from the event information page.
You will be sent, or given, your invitation and the invitation(s) for your guest(s) in the near future, after you have returned the enrolment form to me by post together with a cheque. Your invitation is your ticket for the event and you need to keep it safe because, unusually for Cobwebs, this is a ticket only event.
Please read both the information sheet and the enrolment form carefully, and follow the instructions. (These are not IKEA instructions but clear and easy-to-follow!)
And don’t forget lift sharing, your posh clothes, your wine (or other nice things to drink), your music stand……..
See you there.
Best wishes

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Term dates for the regular groups

2nd and 4th (and 5th if there is one) Mondays in the month
There is a meeting on May 25th and meetings will continue throughout much of the summer.
Half term May 28th no meeting
End of term July 16th
Half term May 25th no meeting
End of term July 6th
Half term May 26th no meeting
End of term July 7th
Half term May 26th no meeting
End of term June 30th
No half term
End of term July 16th
Please note; June 4th, change of venue TBC

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Amended postcode for the Shipley Art Gallery

If you are playing on Saturday in the Shipley Art Gallery concert;
please note the correct post code for the Shipley Art Gallery.
Prince Consort Rd

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Durham group venue, May 14th

This Thursday, May 14th, the Durham Cobwebs regular group is meeting in the Lamplight Theatre in Stanley, at the usual time of 7.15 pm.
Best wishes

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3 pieces of information

the Durham group meets this week (April 23rd) at The Lamplight Theatre in Stanley, at the usual time of 7.15pm
there is a Leaders’ Training Day on Sunday April 26th, in Witton Park Village Hall. GPO from 11.30am – 3.00pm, and if you can stay after you have finished playing your comments would be very valuable
the Spring Music Day at The Sage is on May 2nd – Haydn’s Symphony No. 6 ‘ Le Matin’ – reduced price tickets to Northern Sinfonia’s concert, as well as a talk by Nicolas Kraemer and watching him rehearse with Northern Sinfonia
Best wishes

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