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Cobweb News 2 – 2013

Dear All,
Just a few things . . .
The New Year got off to a great start with our first event on Saturday – the Composers and Arrangers/Guinea Pig Orchestra. We had a large GPO to try out some smashing compositions, three of which came from completely new composers. Thank you to everyone who came.
All our groups are now up and running and I hope that you all enjoy your weekly/fortnightly rehearsals. The York Cobweb Group, which has changed nights and venue since last term, has taken off. They had a great turnout last Wednesday. If you fancy going to York to play in the new venue and to meet Jonathan Brigg, their super conductor, they are meeting during half term week. I’ll remind you all nearer the time!
Last Sunday we had a Group Leaders Meeting to which all leaders managed to attend. It’s never easy getting 8 busy musicians in one place at the same time! These meetings happen on a regular basis and are a good forum for discussing ideas and comments from you the player so please do talk to your group leader.
Don’t forget that our 2nd Rite of Spring Study Day is on this Saturday, 19th January, 11am-4pm, at St Cuthbert’s Church Hall in Darlington. We have a fine orchestra already but we’d welcome some more brass. The enrolment form is available on the website
Mozart, Chopin and Dvorak Concert – Hall 2, The Sage Gateshead
Sunday 10th February 2013
We don’t often get to do concerts in The Sage Gateshead so this really is an event not to be missed. The delightful Emily Murray is returning to play Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 with us. We’ll also be playing Mozart’s Overture to The Magic Flute and Dvorak Symphony No. 7.
The enrolment form is attached and will very shortly be available on our website. Also attached is a flyer for the concert. Please print one off and advertise wherever you can.
Car-sharing to events
Don’t forget that many people do offer lifts to events and they can all be found on the Cobwebs Car-sharing Link from the Events page on the website.
Not only is it a pleasant social thing to do but also it saves on the cost of fuel. Occasionally people require a lift to an event and these requests also appear on the Car-sharing page. Please do take a look every so often, particularly when we are getting close to an event, and help cut down on the number of cars on the road.
Have a great musical week.

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Cobweb News 1 – 2013

Dear All,
Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful festive season and are now itching to get going with lots of music-making.
Here’s just a brief reminder of what is coming up . . .
Composers and Arrangers/Guinea Pig Orchestra – this Saturday, 12th January, 2-6pm.
St John’s Church Hall, Stocksfield

We have a good little orchestra for this event but there is still space if you wish to come along either as a player, composer or conductor. And don’t forget it is free for orchestral players.
2nd Rite of Spring Study Day – Saturday 19th January, 11am-4pm.
St Cuthbert’s Church Hall, Darlington

After the huge success of the 1st study day in Dipton, this is an event not to be missed . . . where else would you get the opportunity to have a go at this great work? We have the makings of a large orchestra but there is still plenty of room in all sections. And of course there is the fund-raising lunch to enjoy. Do let me know if you are able to come and play.
The 3rd Rite of Spring study day on Saturday February 16th
will now take place at Haxby Memorial Hall, York (full address is on the website) and has a new time, 11am-4pm. This means that a fund-raising lunch will take place instead of the fund-raising tea.
If the new venue, time or fund-raising lunch is a problem for anyone who has already booked, please do get in touch with me at
I look forward to seeing lots of you at weekly rehearsals and forthcoming events.

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