#47 A Brave New World

From Newsletter 47
My First Term As Administrator
By Catherine Shackell

It was lovely if somewhat daunting to receive so many kind and welcoming messages from you all when I started as Administrator in September. I say daunting, because the adjective ‘brave’ seemed to appear slightly too frequently for comfort…

Anyway, I appear to have survived my first term relatively unscathed although I have to confess that after getting married, moving house and starting a new job all in the space of 4 months I’m very much looking forward to a quiet Christmas!
My first term has been a whirl of events, emails, enrolment forms and an alarmingly steep technological learning curve (RSS, html, php includes, MySql mean anything to any of you?!)

A new group was born in Spennymoor. Our Composers & Arrangers have returned with renewed vigour. The Baroque Ensemble spurred on by their fabulous concert in September now meet weekly. We had our first opportunity to play Swing Band music. And we have inadvertently produced a very listenable CD of our Mozart Concert with Anthony Sargent. (I say inadvertently because we didn’t especially set out to make a CD).

We’ve also had more than our fair share of technical gremlins this term, with various email providers sporadically deciding that our mailouts are actually spam. Oh, how foolish I was to think that digging a hole in the road, pulling up the driveway and drilling through the wall to install the new Cobwebs phone-line would be the end of the little technological critters.

My apologies to those of you have been affected by the over zealous spam filters, and my thanks for your patience. We are posting copies of all our mailouts on the official Cobwebs blog and you will be also able to access events information via our website, so if you think you might have missed something you will be able to check there – but also please do let me know if our messages aren’t reaching you.

As those of you who’ve been reading our blog will know, Cobwebs has been expanding its international networks too this term. We seem to be generating increasing interest in the US. So much so that Andy was awarded a scholarship to visit America in November to see how community orchestras do things on the other side of the pond.

We’ve also been getting noticed slightly closer to home. The Cobweb Orchestra has won an EPIC Award for Innovation as well as coming runner up in the Creativity category, so we’ll be going to the House of Lords to collect our prize in January – well, maybe not all of us… How big is it? Would we even fit in, I wonder?

How many orchestras can fit all that into just a few weeks? Thank you to everyone who puts so much time and effort into helping us deliver such a fantastic array of opportunities for everyone – we wouldn’t be able to do any of it without you.

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#47 The 2011 Programme

From Newsletter 47
By Andy Jackson

… well, the first few months of it, anyway.

What I really hope, (because it’s what we set out to do), is that wherever you live in the North, whatever your musical preferences are and whatever instrument you play to whatever standard, you’ll find something in here that interests you.
That’s why we have Dvorak in York, Handel in Morpeth and Sibelius in Dalston. Then there are concerts in Gateshead and Newcastle featuring Mozart and Poulenc. And, just before Easter, the Sedbergh Residential.

These weekend events give players a chance to travel throughout the region to fulfil musical aspirations and meet like-minded folk, but the bedrock of our programme is, of course, the 8 weekly local rehearsal groups, each of which has its own character depending on where it is, who turns up and who conducts it. The groups are completely autonomous, but players from them have expressed an interest in getting to know repertoire which is studied and/or performed at our weekend events, so we’re trying a couple of different ideas in the New Year.

Firstly, all groups will be have a chance at some point to play the same work: Elgar’s hugely popular “Enigma” variations, and once we’ve assessed how it’s going, we’ll think about putting it into a concert and hope that representatives from all the groups can take part in the performance with the confidence of having had the opportunity of getting to know the work over an extended period.

The second piece of programming which should make it easier for players from all the groups to come together for the same event is that each group is going to be preparing a different Beethoven symphony. Then on Monday 25th April, (yes, that’s Easter Monday 2011), we’re going to play all 9 of them in Middlesbrough Town Hall, starting at 11am and polishing off one an hour until we round off the evening with the “Choral”, unless we collapse from exhaustion first.

I hope everyone will make an effort to be in Middlesbrough for this historic occasion, and bring lots of well-wishers to join in, or to listen and socialise in the gaps between the symphonies. Even though each of the symphonies will have been prepared, there is no way that they can be rehearsed in any detail immediately prior to playing them, so the day will consist of a series of informal presentations rather than polished performances.

I suppose some purists might think of this event as a bit of a gimmick, (and we’re aware that it might bring us some publicity), but there is an element of serious musicological engagement here too: participants will have the chance to experience from the inside Beethoven’s development from talented youngster to mature genius.

No apologies for dwelling on this event: it’s a huge undertaking and we need as many players as possible to come along to help us bring it off. We’ll need to play in relay teams, I suspect, though anyone who fancies playing all nine won’t be discouraged from having a go.

Start training now.

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#47 Behind The Scenes: The Sedbergh Residential

From Newsletter 47
By Liz Carlile

So what goes on behind the scenes – behind my scalded cat imitation (I wish it were something more calm and lovely…)?

Well, here are a few of the things;
Talk to Andy about the programme
Talk to Margy (at Sedbergh) about accommodation
Talk to Sheila about publicity and coffee breaks
Talk to Ruth about numbers of players and parts
Talk to nervous people coming to Sedbergh for the first time to give them confidence
Talk to people who’ve been many times and ask them to complete a form
Talk to people who might be coming but haven’t told me yet and ask them to complete a form
And what might make me into the calm and lovely something-or –other?
Everyone’s form sent back at least a fortnight before the residentional and all cheques sent at least a week before.
It used to be easy to do things ‘in your head’ but we are a big organisation now and we have to be more formal.

So I look forward to receiving your forms and cheques and seeing you at Sedbergh – calm and quiet.
And just in case you wondered… I like doing it!

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#47 Cobweb Orchestra Instrument Bank

From Newsletter 47
By Andrew Forsyth

This is one of the happier banking stories of recent years and involves the growing bank of instruments that the Orchestra has acquired over recent years and that are available, completely free of charge, lien or interest, to our widening community of players.
Our wish is that these should be available to anyone who fancies trying a new instrument or wants to re-kindle lost skills in that inimitable Cobweb fashion and so please do make use of the service and ask to borrow anything of interest.
One very important key in the operation of the instrument bank is that, when you have finished with an instrument – for whatever reason – please do send it back into the system so that others may use this brilliant facility. Some instruments like the oboe, horns and double-bass are in constant demand and so regular turnover is very important to us. It probably won’t take too long to determine an instrument is going to work for you and if you ought to be finding one of your own and, at that stage, consider sending it back “home”.
Andrew Forsyth is custodian of this huge body of instruments, but keeping track of them is not easy, particularly when they are passed from one player to another without a trip “home” first.
So, having now acquainted you all with the existence, scope and purpose of the Instrument Bank, the other purpose of this little ditty is to announce an International Instrument Amnesty from midnight tonight (whenever you read this)! If you are currently nurturing one of our instruments, either telephone Andrew on 015396 23644 or e-mail him at and let him know which instrument you have and perhaps even your plans for your future life together. Is the partnership harmonious or would you like to arrange a trial separation and return said instrument back to sender?
Return of instruments has proved to be pretty easy – someone in your rehearsal group is bound to be meeting another group’s member who will meet Andrew before long and so it can be passed back like this. Don’t waste precious time or fuel on making a dedicated trip to Cumbria unless you are also in the market to buy one of Andrew’s many trees, in which case he’ll be extra-pleased to see you.

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#47 GROUP DATES Spring 2011

Here are the dates & details for each of our regular groups. Generally we follow school term dates which do vary between across the region so if your local group isn’t meeting one week feel free to pay a visit to another group which is.

Thursdays, 7.15—9.15pm – WEEKLY
St. Patrick’s Church Hall, Consett DH8 5LB
For more information contact Andy Jackson / 01388 602 436

First Session: Thursday 6th January 2011
Half Term: Thursday 24th February
Last Session: Thursday 14th April

Mondays 7.30—9.30pm – WEEKLY
Dalston Victory Hall, Dalston, Carlisle CA5 7QB
For more information contact Peter Wood / 01228 562 341

First Session: Monday 10th January 2011
Half Term: Monday 21st February
Last Session: Monday 4th April

Wednesdays 1—3pm – WEEKLY
The Sage Gateshead
For more information contact Andy Jackson / 01388 602 436

First Session: Wednesday 12th January 2011
Half Term: Wednesday 23rd February
Last Session: Wednesday 6th April

Tuesdays, 7.30—9.30pm – WEEKLY
St James Community Centre, Well Way, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 1BN
For more information contact Lizelle Kirby

First Session: Tuesday 11th January 2011
Half Term: Tuesday 22nd February
Last Session: Tuesday 29th March

Wednesdays 8—10pm – WEEKLY
St Paul’s Community Centre, Spennymoor DL16 7LR
For more information contact Greg Pullen / 01388 811 005

First Session: Wednesday 2nd February 2011
Last Session: Wednesday 13th April

Why not join Greg & the Spennymoor group for their Half Term Special on Wednesday 23rd February.

Tuesdays, 7.30—9.30pm – WEEKLY
Tebay Methodist Church Hall, Tebay, Pentrith CA10 3XG
For more information contact Noel Bertram / 07711 537 131

First Session: Tuesday 11th January 2011
Half Term: Tuesday 22nd February
Last Session: Tuesday 29th March

Mondays, 7.15—9.15 – FORTNIGHTLY
Please note the new earlier start time.
Middlesbrough Town Hall – Crypt, Middlesbrough TS1 1EL
For more information contact Clare Carr (nee Barker) / 07870 403 486

Mondays 17th & 31st January 2011
Mondays 14th & 28th February
Mondays 14th & 28th March

Thursdays, 7.30—9.30pm – WEEKLY
New Earswick Methodist Church Hall, New Earswick, York YO32 4AQ
For more information contact Catherine Shackell / 01937 831 163

First Session: Thursday 13th January 2011
Half Term: Thursday 24th February
Last Session: Thursday 7th April

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#47 EVENTS DIARY Jan-Apr 2011 and beyond…

from Newsletter 47


Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th January
Ensembles Weekend
Arranged by players for players
Ensembles Timetable 15-16 Jan 2011

Monday, 31st January
EPIC Award ceremony in the House of Lords
Details and exact happenings TBC


Saturday 5th February
SAGE DAY: American Music Day
Time: 1:30 – 7pm
Venue: Northern Rock Hall, The Sage Gateshead

Saturday 12th February
Concert with Venera Bojkova’s piano pupils
Time: 2 – 6pm
Venue: Gateshead Old Town Hall

Saturday 19th February
New World Symphony Study Day
Time: morning & afternoon TBC
Venue: Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, Uni of York

Saturday 26th February
Handel’s Water Music Study Day
Time: 11am – 4pm
Venue: St. James Community Centre, Morpeth

MARCH 2011

Saturday, 5th March
Sibelius 3rd Symphony Study Day
Time: 11:00 – 4:00
Venue: Dalston Victory Hall, Dalston

Saturday 19th March
Poulenc’s Gloria rehearsal for concert on 26th
Time: TBC
Venue: St. Mary’s RC Cathedral, Newcastle

Saturday, 26th March – N.B. Date change
Concert: Poulenc’s ‘Gloria’ with the Silver Breves
Time: TBC
Venue: St. Mary’s RC Cathedral, Newcastle

APRIL 2011
4pm Friday 8th – 4pm Sunday 10th April
Sedbergh 2011 Pre Booking Form
For more information & to book your place contact Liz Carlile

Easter Monday, 25th April
All Beethoven (Symphonies) In A Day
Time: Start playing at 11am – One an hour until we finish
Venue: Middlesbrough Town Hall

MAY 2011

Saturday, 7th May
SAGE DAY: Watch this space for more details…
Time: TBC
Venue: The Sage Gateshead

Sunday, 8th May
Concert: Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto with Evgenia Startseva
Time: 2pm – 10pm
Exact timetable TBC
Venue: Hall 2, The Sage Gateshead

Saturday 14th May
Ravenstonedale Proms

Saturday 21st / Sunday 22nd May
Ensembles Weekend
Arranged by players for players

Saturday, 28th May
Concert in York
Time: TBC
Venue: The Mount School, York

21st-28th August 2011
Tuscany 2011 brochure
Il Grande Prato August 2011 Booking Form
For more information & to book your place contact Andrew Forsyth

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#47 LISTEN TO THIS Concerts Spring 2011

from Newsletter 47
The Cobweb Orchestra Concerts Diary

Here are some concerts you might like to attend to support the orchestra.  Those marked * are open to all players, the others are kindly organized by pre-formed groups to help keep the Cobwebs coffers healthy.  Times given are the start times of the performances.  Players, please see event details for rehearsal schedules.

Saturday, 12th February 2011
Venera Bojkova’s piano pupils in concert with The Cobweb Orchestra *
Time: TBC
Venue: Gateshead Old Town Hall

Saturday, 12th March 2011
Cobwebs Baroque Ensemble
Time: TBC
Venue: Elvet Methodist Church, Durham City

Saturday, 26th March 2011 NB This is not the same date as previously advertised
The Cobweb Orchestra and the ‘Silver Breves’ perform Poulenc’s ‘Gloria’ *
Time: TBC
Venue: St. Mary’s RC Cathedral, Newcastle

Monday, 25th April 2011 (Yes, that really is Easter Monday)
All Beethoven (symphonies) In A Day*
Start Time: 11am, playing one an hour until we finish
Venue: Middlesbrough Town Hall

Sunday, 8th May 2011
Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto with Evgenia Startseva*
Time: TBC
Venue: Hall 2, The Sage Gateshead

Saturday, 14th May 2011
Ravenstonedale Proms*
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC

Saturday, 28th May 2011
The Cobweb Orchestra* & The Cobwebs Baroque Ensemble
Time: TBC
Venue: The Mount School, York

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6th November – Mozart Symphony 39

13th November – Mozart Requiem

14th November – Mozart Concert

Anthony Sargent is one of Cobwebs’ favourite conductors and this Autumn he is guiding the orchestra through some of Mozart’s glorious mature compositions.  The Mozart extravaganza begins with a Sage Day delving into his wonderful 39th Symphony on Saturday 6th November, followed by a Study Day looking at his Requiem on Saturday 13th before the project culminates in a rehearsal & performance of both works in Bishop Auckland Town Hall on Sunday 14th.
As usual you can take part in as many of the days that make up this project as you like, although it does give us the opportunity for thorough and detailed preparation with Anthony for the final concert.  And, just so it doesn’t get too expensive for those of you wanting to really get inside the music before the 14th, we’re offering a special deal.  Whichever is the first Mozart event you attend you get the rest of the extravaganza events for free!
Mozart Symphony 39 – Saturday, 6th November
Gateshead Old Town Hall , West Street, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear NE8 1HE
1:30pm – 7pm

Music & Parts
If you’d like to look at the music in advance you can download parts from:,_K.543_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)
We will be using a version that has parts for all orchestral instruments not only those included in the original scoring, and will send pdfs of these additional parts out to you when you enrol.
Please bring your own food and drinks for the day as there are no refreshment facilities available in the Old Town Hall.
There is some on street parking near Gateshead Old Town Hall but many people will find it more convenient to park at the Sage & walk across (it takes about 4 mins).  You can apply at the Sage box office for an electronic pass to the upper car park & pay only £1.50 per visit – just say that you’re attending the Sage Cobwebs day.
Prices & enrolments:
£20.45 for members of The Cobweb Orchestra / £26.80 for non-members
You will then be able to sign up for our Mozart events on 13th & 14th for free.
Please note that as this is a Sage Event bookings need to be made through the Sage Gateshead ticket office 0191 443 4661.
If you would also like to attend on 13th / 14th for free please also complete the  Cobwebs enrolment form attached.

Mozart Requiem – Saturday, 13th November
Joseph Swan School, Saltwell Road South, Gateshead, NE9 6LE
10am – 6pm

The orchestra will be joined by The Sage Mozart Singers for this workshop focussing primarily on Mozart’s glorious Requiem under the guidance of Anthony Sargent. There may also be the opportunity to dip into Symphony 39 too.
Music & Parts
If you’d like to look at the music in advance string players can download parts from:,_K.626_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)
(It’s the Kalmus 1933 reprint – the second set of parts on the page).  We will be using a version that has parts for all orchestral instruments not only those included in the original scoring, so we’ll send pdfs for all other parts direct to you when you enrol.

Please bring your own food and drinks for the day as there are no refreshment facilities available in the school.

Free if you attended the Mozart Study Day on the 6th, otherwise:
£12 for members of The Cobweb Orchestra / £16 for non-members
By attending this event you will be able to on the 14th at no extra cost.

Mozart Concert – Sunday, 14th October 2010
Bishop Auckland Town Hall, Market Place, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7NP
Rehearsal: 2pm-6pm & concert: 7:30-9:30pm

And what better way to round off our Mozart extravaganza than with a concert?  Let’s do everything we can to ensure that we get a really good audience for these wonderful works: Mozart’s Symphony 39 and Requiem.  Tickets are available from the Bishop Auckland Town Hall Tourist Office Tel: 01388 602 610.
Music & Parts
Music and parts will be provided on the day or can be downloaded from:,_K.543_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus),_K.626_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)

Please bring your own food and drinks for the day as there are no refreshment facilities available.

Free if you attended one of the Mozart Study Days on 6th or 13th, otherwise:
£9 members of The Cobweb Orchestra / £12 for non-members
To enrol please return the form attached along with your cheque to:
C. Shackell, The Cobweb Orchestra, 17 Manor Road, Tadcaster, N.Yorks, LS24 8HP

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10am Saturday November 27th 2010 – 4pm Sunday November 28th 2010

Back to its original format, the Ridley Hall ‘DIY’ weekend is a mix of full orchestra sessions, and chamber music sessions which you organise yourself, in peaceful and comfortable surroundings. There are plenty of rooms for different size groups, and lots of music to choose from because many people generously put their own music in the temporary library.
Single/double rooms are in short supply at Ridley Hall so we are making a £10 administrative charge for each room requested and allocated as either single or double. Requests will be dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
You’ll find a more detailed timetable and notes about what you’ll need for the weekend below.
Please make your booking as soon as possible. We need to inform Ridley Hall of the numbers going by early in November; after that each new booking has to be notified to the Hall separately.
I would like to book:-
(Please tick the relevant boxes for your booking.)
Full board – £90 [ ]
Single room request – £10 [ ]
Double room request – £10 [ ]
Special diet – no cost, please give details ……………………………..
Saturday attendance – £25 [ ]
Saturday lunch – £12.50 [ ]
Saturday evening meal – £12.50 [ ]
Sunday attendance – £25
Sunday lunch – £12.50 [ ]
Total cost;
Please enclose a cheque (made payable to The Cobweb Orchestra) for the full amount, MINUS your deposit if you have already sent a deposit to me.
Send a single or double room request if you are making one.
Your room request FEE, (if single or double rooms are available), should NOT be sent now, but paid by cheque when you arrive at Ridley Hall.
Please contact me about prices if you want to bring a non-playing guest.

Useful information
Timetable (provisional)
10.00am – 12.30 pm Full orchestra
12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm – 3.30pm DIY
3.30pm – 4.00pm Tea break
4.00pm – 6.00pm DIY
6.00pm – 7.00pm Dinner
7.30pm – 10.30pm Andy’s surprise
Midnightish ‘A symphony at midnight’
8.30am – 9.30am Breakfast
9.30am – 10.30am Full orchestra
10.30am – 12.30pm DIY
12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm – 2.30pm DIY
2.30pm – 3.00pm Tea break
3.00pm – 4.00pm Full orchestra
4.00pm Finish
Things to bring
A music stand (best to label it)
Any ensemble music you want to play or are happy to let other people borrow (please make sure your name is on it clearly)
A towel (bedding is provided but not towels.)
Any food or drink (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) you might want other than at mealtimes
(Tea and coffee are available all the time in the den, and water is served with meals, but you need to bring your own if you want wine, juice, any other sort of hot drink or snacks at any other time)
Waterproof coat and footwear if you intend to do any walking from the Hall. There are pleasant walks but the Hall is out in the country so the roads tend to be rough and muddy in the winter.
Cobwebs funds
We are trying to raise funds for Cobwebs by ‘swapping’ clothes which we no longer wear (usually unfortunately because they don’t fit any more). Please bring any clothes which you think someone else might like enough to buy, and come and look at those other people bring. If you decide to take any, then there will be a box in which to leave a donation to Cobwebs
(So far this has been a female thing, but we are happy to add men’s wear too.)
Please send your booking form and cheque to me direct;
Liz Carlile
48 South Road
Stockton on Tees
TS20 2SZ
If you have any questions you can email me or ring me on 01642 873973 or 01642 530424, or on my mobile, 07914 956786

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Diary of Events Sept – Dec 2010 and beyond…

Get the dates in your diary early, and we’ll send out more information about each event as it approaches so watch out for those and check event details closer to the time in case changes have to be made.   You can join our mailing list and enrol for our events by contacting Catherine


Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th September
Ensembles Weekend
There are events for strings, brass, clarinets and double reed ensembles throughout the weekend.   You can find full details of what’s happening when and who to contact for more information and to enrol for each session during the weekend at:

Saturday 25th September
English Baroque Music Day, led by Peter Wood
11:30 am – 4:30pm
Haxby & Wigginton Methodist Church Hall, The Village, Haxby, York, YO32 2JJ
For more details & to enrol contact Catherine Shackell

Sunday 26th September
Brahms Symphony No.4 and Academic Festival Overture, led by Andy Jackson
2pm – 7pm
Wylam Institute, Church Road, Wylam NE41 8AP
For more details & to enrol contact Catherine Shackell


Saturday 2nd October
Haydn ‘Nicknamed’ Symphonies, led by Catherine Shackell nee Holbrook
11am – 4pm                  Dalston Victory Hall, Dalston, near Carlisle
For more details & to enrol contact Catherine Shackell

Saturday 9th October
Beethoven Symphony No. 9, led by Andy Jackson
11am – 5pm
Middlesbrough Town Hall, Middlesbrough, TS1 1LP
For more details & to enrol contact Catherine Shackell

Sunday, 17th October
“The Lighter Side”, led by Peter Crompton
Time TBC
venue TBC, Newbiggin

Saturday, 23rd October
Schumann Symphony No.1, led by Chris Griffiths
11am – 5pm
Tebay Methodist Church Hall, Tebay CA10 3UY


Saturday, 6th November
Mozart Symphony No. 39 Sage Study Day, led by Anthony Sargent
1:30pm – 7pm
Gateshead Old Town Hall, Gateshead NE8 1HE

Saturday, 13th November
Rehearsal for November 14th Mozart concert with Anthony Sargent
Times TBC
Venue TBC

Sunday, 14th November
Concert: Mozart Symphony No. 39 and Requiem, conducted by Anthony Sargent
Rehearsal: 2pm – 6:30pm           Concert: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Bishop Auckland Town Hall, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7NP

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November
Ridley Hall Residential DIY ensembles and full orchestra.
Saturday, 10am – Sunday, 4pm
Ridley Hall, Bardon Mill, NE47 7BP
For more details & to enrol contact Liz Carlile


Saturday, 11th December
Guinea Pig Orchestra Christmas Party at Sarah and Philip Wherry’s house in Bishop Auckland
7pm til late and everyone can bring a guinea pig!


Saturday 12th February 2011
Concert with Venera Bojkova’s piano pupils.
Time TBC          Caedmon Hall, Gateshead

Saturday, 26th February 2011
Concert: Poulenc’s ‘Gloria’ with the ‘Silver Breves’
Time & Venue TBC

Friday 8th – Sunday 10th April 2011
Sedbergh Residential
Friday, 4pm – Sunday 4pm
For more details & to enrol contact Liz Carlile

Monday, 25th April 2011 (Yes, that really is Easter Monday)
All Beethoven’s Symphonies in a day.
Time & Venue TBC

Sunday, 8th May 2011
Concert: Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto with Evgenia Startseva
2pm – 10pm      Exact timings of rehearsal and concert TBC
Hall 2, The Sage Gateshead

Sunday 21st – Sunday 28th August 2011
Tuscany Residential, rehearsals and concerts
Please let Andrew Forsyth ( know if you’re interested in coming.

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