Ciao Cobwebisti

A Message from Andrew about the Tuscany Residential 21st – 28th August 2011

Ciao Cobwebisti
This is a chiming of the “Last Orders” bell to remind you that the deadline is approaching for the Tuscany trip at which we shall decide whether we have the right numbers to proceed with.  It is (I have to say) looking very encouraging but, if you are havering and hovering or even dithering, it may be a good idea to bring your thoughts to a resolution and let me know.  Do remember also that we can also have too much of a good thing as there is a physical limit to the size of the orchestra we take, due to the layout of the rehearsal space so, if you delay too long, the gangway may already have been hoisted!
I’m sure that there may be all sorts of questions you might have about the trip.  So don’t just ponder alone, ask away: drop me an e-mail, call me to discuss your worries, but please limit these to Tuscany issues; I don’t pretend to have the answers to teenager woes or dietary allergies.
Andrew Forsyth

Posted by Catherine Shackell