Cobweb Consett group emissive no.4

Dear all
This term started with a bump as some of you were still on holiday or didn’t realise that we were starting before most schools went back.
However, we still turned out in strength with a perfectly formed orchestra for Schubert’s 4th symphony, which sounded good straight away. I’m sure it will become even more stylish over the next few weeks.
Also on the agenda are some folk dances by Liadov and Smetana’s “Bartered Bride” overture amongst many other delights such as….
You may have noticed from Catherine’s various postings that we’re going to have a go at Beethoven’s “Choral” Symphony in Middlesbrough Town Hall on 9th October. I’d like to run it on some Thursday evenings leading up to that date and would be grateful if you could all download your own parts so that we can build up a useable set.
Here’s the link:,_Op.125_(Beethoven,_Ludwig_van)
It would be even better if you could print off two parts in case you have a desk partner who doesn’t get this letter AND e-mail me to let me know what you’ve downloaded so that I can keep a list and know what extra parts I might need to make up the set.
I’m also attaching a folder of parts for “Non, je ne regrette rien”. If everyone prints off an appropriate part, we can run it on Thursday. And there’s even a vocal part in case there’s anyone out there who fancies themselves as a chantuese. Don’t be shy, it would be great to have it sung.
I know I’m not alone in finding the acoustic in St. Patrick’s Church Hall loud, boomy and difficult to work with, but Sarah (trumpet) has come up with a possible solution which is simple and elegant and just might work: If everybody brought a towel and put it on the floor or draped it somewhere, over a radiator, for instance, it could make it much easier for us to hear each other.
Worth a go, I reckon.
The charity bag collection, which regularly raises money for Cobwebs, is this week. So please fill up plastic bags with used but still useful clothes and leave them at St. Pat’s on Thursday evening.
Sorry this letter has so many bits to it. Just one more:
Because there are so many of you on my Consett maillist, I have to split it into two so that can deal with it. This may mean that some of you are on both parts of the list and get this twice. If that’s the case, please let me know so that I can rationalise.
Also, if you’d rather not get these occasional notes, tell me to take you off the list. On the other hand, there may be people, especially if they’ve started attending recently, who would like to receive them but don’t. If you know anyone in this category, please inform.
Hope to see you all soon (with downloaded parts and towels)

Posted by Andy Jackson