Cobweb News 1 – 7.1.2014

Dear All,
Well 2014 got off to a fine start for The Cobweb Orchestra. We had 61 players at Spennymoor on Sunday for the first of our 4 symphonies – Mahler Symphony No. 1. Greg Pullen our conductor (and conductor of the Spennymoor Cobweb Orchestra) was terrific; he managed to coax us all through the entire work towards the end of the afternoon. One player said afterwards that if he’d paid £25 for just that one work, never mind the other three, it would have been worth every penny. What a way to start the New Year.
So one symphony done, three to go . . .
Sunday 12th January – Dvorak 9 with Jeremy Harbottle
2.00 – 6.00pm
Northallerton Methodist Church Hall

The orchestra for this is growing and I hope that lots of enrolment forms will come flooding in by post or email this week. There is space in all sections and it would be great to have a couple of bassoons, more trumpets and trombones and a double bass or two or three . . .
For those of you who haven’t experienced Jeremy’s conducting, you are in for a real treat. (He did a study day on Mahler 5 last year which was fantastic.)
Saturday 18th January – Elgar 1 with Jonathan Bloxham
11.00am – 4.00pm
Heaton Community Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne
Saturday 25th January – Rachmaninov 2 with Peter Wood
11.00am – 4.30pm
Christ Church, Cockermouth
The enrolment form for the 3 remaining symphonies can be downloaded from the website
Sunday 19th January – Composers & Arrangers/Guinea Pig Orchestra
2.00 – 6.00pm
Wylam Village Institute, Church Road, Wylam
This session is specifically to try out the new arrangement of JS Bach’s 4th Orchestral Suite, which the Composers & Arrangers group have been working on in preparation for our study day at the Sage Gateshead with Anthony Sargent (8th February)
We are slowly getting an orchestra together but could do with more of all strings. This is a free session for anyone who wants to play in the orchestra so do come along and have a fun Sunday afternoon playing a piece of music that you might not normally get to play (depending on what instrument you play.)
The enrolment form can be downloaded from the website
Looking further ahead . . .
Saturday 1st February – Skills Workshop: Sight-reading with Andy Jackson

11.00pm – 3.00pm
Eldon Community Centre, Bishop Auckland
The best thing about sight-reading is that it gives you access to a vast variety of music. Being able to make sense of dots on a page means that 50 or 60 people playing different instruments can sit down in the same room and, as long as they all have appropriate music in front of them (no mean feat), within minutes start to produce music of great complexity.
It is a skill mainly acquired through endless practice, but there are techniques, which can help you to become better at it – so we will start the day with some exercises. But we will be getting through a lot of repertoire too, and will finish the day by playing, at sight, a Haydn symphony. As there are 104 to choose from, taking a sneak preview might not be a very effective use of your time.
Another thing about sight-reading is that however skilled you may be, you can always get better. So, although the main purpose of this study day is to build confidence for players who are relatively new to (or recently returning to) orchestral playing, it will also give more experienced players a good fun work out.
The enrolment form is available to download from the event webpage
Saturday 8th February – JS Bachs 4th Orchestral Suite with Anthony Sargent
1.30 – 8.00pm
Northern Rock Foundation Hall, Sage Gateshead
Saturday 15th February – The Cobweb Orchestra in Concert, conductor Andy Jackson
Rehearsal: 2.00 – 5.30pm
Concert: 7.00pm (free for audience)
St. Oswalds Church, Ravenstonedale, Nr Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria
Saturday 1st March – Brahms Symphony No. 2 with Chris Griffiths
Time and venue to be confirmed
Sunday 9th March – Schubert Symphony No. 5 with Andy Jackson
2.00 – 6.00pm
Storey Park Community Centre, Morpeth
Friday 4th April – Sunday 6th April – Sedbergh Residential
Sedbergh School
More information about our annual residential at Sedbergh will be available next week.
Another busy term full of opportunities to play wonderful music. I do hope that you will put all these dates in your diary and enrol for as many events as you can.
I look forward to seeing lots of you at Northallerton on Sunday. Until then have a great week.

Posted by Sue Baker