Cobweb News 16.12.17

Dear all,
Wow, it seems a while ago now but what a day we had on the earlier this month in York! The Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 was amazing, thanks to all who took part and of course thanks to Andy for leading us through such a great day. Special thanks to the York team, Sue, Jim and all those who work so hard to help the teas/coffees/lunches all just right.
It looks like you’ve all had a great end of term with your groups, do check out the photos from people on our facebook page.

In this Cobweb News:
Message from Andy
A Christmas Quiz…
Month of Symphonies!

In Cobwebs, we’re so focused on what’s happening next that we never seem to find time to look back and reflect for a moment on past achievements, so I thought I’d just mention a few things that have happened over the last year which gave me particular pleasure (or, at least, left a strong impression).
A concert in a marquee at Summerhill in torrential rain. Providing a live soundtrack to the film “Battle of the Somme”. Performing Mozart’s Requiem in Durham Cathedral. Water themed music at Dipton for the BIG PLAY with rain pouring through a hole in the roof (since mended). Being joined by 5 Royal Northern Sinfonia players at Whitley Bay in a performance of Haydn’s last symphony. Amassing a huge orchestra which managed to cover all parts for Tchaikovsky’s “Pathetique” symphony. Brilliant Cobweb soloists in concert at Preston Hall. Somehow fitting all Schubert’s symphonies into a single day’s playing at Sage Gateshead. Endless fun at our various residential weekends……..
You’ll have your own favourites, of course, but I hope my little list brings back some happy memories.
Looking forward to 2018 – here are a few of the things you can enjoy:
Month of Symphonies and “Anyone can be a soloist”. I know that many of you already have these events in your diaries. Don’t forget to let Lorna know if you’re going to be at any of them.
On Sunday 28th February, we’re playing at a very special venue – Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, and as we should look very good in there in our concert finery, the concert will be videoed – not just with a single camera, but with multiple angles so that it gives a more nuanced impression of what we look and sound like. Don’t let this put you off enroling. People often approach recording and filming with trepidation, but usually end up being really engaged by it.
Then there’s the BIG PLAY on Saturday 17th March. This year’s theme “IN C”. I’m sure everyone can come up with some appropriate pieces for that.
Please note that the Sibelius Violin Concerto study day with Iona Brown, which was scheduled for March has now been moved to Saturday 28th April. I hope lots of you will be available on the new date. Then, in May, there’s chance to accompany another acclaimed soloist when Russian cellist Tanya Anisimova will play the Schumann Cello concerto with us.
Also in May, the newly refurbished Middlesbrough Town Hall opens again and Cobwebs will be involved putting on a concert with local schoolchildren. The date is, unusually for us, a Friday (11th May), with a daytime rehearsal. I hope that many of you are able to make yourselves free for that.
I think that’s enough forward planning for the time being.
Whatever you’re doing over the Christmas/New Year break, I hope you have a wonderful time.
Best wishes

A Christmas Quiz…
To keep you all entertained over Christmas and raise some money for the Cobweb Orchestra, Ruth and Brian Tanner and Kate Scott-Hughes have compiled a quiz made up from the composers and their works in the Cobweb Orchestra Library. All you have to do is to replace the consonants to identify the composer and their work … There’s a special Cobweb-specific section at the end if you want a truly cobwebby challenge!
If you try the quiz: Minimum £1 donation please, payable at your next group or event or by BACS.
There is a choice of a bottle of fine claret or the game banagrams as a prize for the best entry. If you wish to compete, hand in your printed answers to your local Group secretary or email to by 1st Feb. 2018. (Judges’ decision is final – no correspondence. Tie break by drawing lots.)
Answers and the name of the winner will be published in February on the Cobweb Orchestra web site and in the next issue of The Trustee’s Tale. A link will also be sent with news of events. The quiz is here if you’d like to take part.

If you need me to send you a version of the quiz if the download doesn’t work, please email me by replying to this email!

January 2018 – A Month of Symphonies!
We’re kicking off 2018 with a month of symphonies, 4 young and exciting conductors will work with us in a series of weekends looking at symphonies in chronological order. The basic details are below but please do click into the enrolment form and see our website for more details.
Saturday 6th January, 11-4pm, Dalston Victory Hall
Joe Davies – Mozart Symphony No. 35 ‘Haffner’
Sunday 14th January, 2-6pm, Wylam Institute
Mark Edwards – Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3 ‘Scottish’
Saturday 20th January, 11-4pm, Summerhill Pavillion
Patrick Burnett – Brahms Symphony No. 2
Sunday 28th January, 2-6pm, Haxby Memorial Hall
Jonathan Bloxham – Neilsen Symphony No. 2
We’re offering a deal for the month, so the more of the month you attend, the more you save.
Members: 1 event = £10, 2 events = £18, 3 / 4 events = £25
Non Members: 1 event = £14, 2 events = £26, 3 / 4 events = £37
On the days that are 11-4pm, we will enjoy a shared lunch. Please do enrol soon so we know what music we’re going to need. The form can be found here, or just email me.

It just leaves me now to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you have a lovely break and I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the month of symphonies.
Best wishes,
Lorna Wright
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright