Cobweb News 19: 02.06.17

Dear all,
I hope you’re having a lovely half term holiday. There’s just a few things this week, but please do keep checking the website for updates and enrolling for those Summer events!

In this weeks Cobweb News
– A few words about Schubertiana
– Music in the Chapel with The Cobweb Orchestra
– Mozart Requiem at Durham Cathedral

A few words about Schubertiana
This was a remarkable day’s music making – playing all nine of Schubert’s symphonies. Everyone seemed exhausted by about number 5, but kept going and somehow found the energy to end the day with a complete performance (yes, it really was good enough to have worked on a concert platform) of the monumental no. 9. There was a tangible sense of elation and achievement when we finished.
Here are some comments from players:
“Thank you so to all concerned for a truly amazing day. The organisation was faultless. All the music appeared like magic, a tremendous task including from those who prepared special parts for covering instruments. Please do thank all concerned.”
“Great day”
“A wonderful, inspiring, and totally exhausting day. And brilliant organisation.”
“Players came from Cobwebs near and far – Cumbria, Carlyle, York, Morpeth – and a visitor from Bristol.”
“Yesterday was and still is today in my mind as a magnificent achievement.”
“It was, in a word, exhilarating, particularly nearer the end, when, exhausted and sore, we came to the Unfinished and the Great, when we all just came to life and ended with a flourish.”
“Thank you for yesterday. For the musical experience, as well as the Cobweb community experience.”
“The “Unfinished” was particularly special, and no. 9 was a triumph.”
“Is this some kind of record? Has it been done before?”
“We will one day say, “I was there.” “

Music in the Chapel with The Cobweb Orchestra
Sunday 20 August
2-3.30pm (Rehearsal 11-1pm)
Gibside Chapel, Rowlands Gill, Tyne & Wear, NE16 6BG
This is just a date for your diaries, the enrolment form will be out shortly. A bit of information for you that is published on the National Trust website!
Gibside are delighted to welcome the award winning Cobweb Orchestra who will present a programme which combines music from the Georgian era with works from the English pastoral tradition. Listen to beautiful pieces by Handel, Elgar, Avison and others in the stunning setting of Gibside Chapel

Cobweb Orchestra join with Semiseria Choir of Tübingen, Germany to perform Mozart Requiem
Saturday 4th November
Durham Cathedral
To mark the 30th anniversary of twining between Durham and Tübingen, Germany, in 2017 the Semiseria Choir of Tübingen wishes to visit Durham and hold a concert. The concert in the Cathedral will include Mozart’s Requiem. Cobweb has been asked, and has agreed to provide an orchestra for this concert. A short first half of the programme will include Mozart’s Overture to The Magic Flute and an arrangement of Allegri’s Miserere made by Andy Jackson.

  • Sunday 29th October, 1-6.30pm, Eldon Community Centre
  • Friday 3rd November, 7-9.30pm, Ushaw College.
  • Saturday 4th November, 2pm-4.30 pm, Durham Cathedral (with refreshments provided by Durham CC.)
  • Performance is at 7pm on Saturday 4th November

Please enrol now using the form on the event webpage – we do require a balanced orchestra for this one, so please do enrol as soon as possible to secure a place.
Note from Graham Jarritt and Barbara Griffin re. Mozart Requiem event:
Message re timetable for rehearsals/performance
Dear All,
The rehearsal for choir and orchestra on Friday evening, Nov 3rd may for some be a commitment too far. The members of Semiseria do understand that Cobweb members live across a wide area, not just in one town, and that there are practical limits to our rehearsal attendance. At the same time the musical director of Semiseria, Frank Schlichter, who will conduct the Requiem in the Cathedral would like to have one rehearsal with the choir and orchestra together before the actual day of the concert. He will come to Durham early to conduct Cobweb at the Sunday 29th rehearsal but the choir does not arrive till Tuesday 31st. Friday evening is the only opportunity for joint rehearsal before the day of the concert. Just as Semiseria members recognise it is difficult for Cobwebbers to attend rehearsals it is also fair to say this is a big commitment on behalf of the Semiseria Choir to come to Durham for this concert. Understandably they wish to be well prepared. The choice has to rest with Cobweb members who wish to play in the concert. The enrolment form makes this clear.
Barbara and I recently had a chance to visit Semisaria Choir in Tübingen, to attend one of their rehearsals, meet the trustees and discuss details with their musical director. We were made very welcome. It was also a chance to explain more about Cobweb including it’s origins, values and wide geographic spread and also to learn more about them. Semisaria (the name is a play on the words “Semi-Serious”) is quite similar to Cobweb; an amateur group who pay for professional leadership and direction. There are of course some differences but these are far outweighed by the similarities.
Graham Jarritt & Barbara Griffin

That’s all for this week,
Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright