Cobweb News 20: 22.06.16

Dear all,
There’s lots to tell you about this week, please do bear with me and read all the way through!
In this weeks Cobweb News
– Preston Park – this weekend!
– Haydn Symphonies Project
– Lizelle’s last Morpeth rehearsal
– Cobweb Chamber Orchestra Ravenstonedale Concert
– A BBC Proms Opportunity
Preston Park – this weekend!
Cobweb Orchestra in Concert
Sunday 26th June, 1-5.30pm Rehearsal, 6.30pm Concert
**Rescheduled from 21st May**

The Cobweb Orchestra at Preston Hall
From Beethoven to Bond – Orchestral Classics,
Members £10
Non-members £14,
Join Judith Thompson for an afternoon rehearsing some accessible orchestral works followed by a concert. The programme will include a couple of Beethoven Overtures, Haydn’s London Symphony, Smetana The Moldau, some Bond themes and maybe more…
**We’re in real need of string players for this concert, so if you are available and you’d like to play, please do sign up so we know you’re coming.**
The new enrolment form is here
Please note the rehearsal time is 1pm not 1.30 as stated on the enrolment form.
Haydn Symphonies Project – a note from Peter Wood
Ever since we played all of Beethoven’s 9 symphonies at the Big Play in Middlesbrough I have been trying to work out how we could play all 106 of Joseph Haydn’s symphonies (including the A&B Symphonies).
Haydn was a prolific symphony writer and between 1757 and 1795 he developed the symphony immensely in complexity. Haydn’s story sees him go from choirboy to freelance musician, from music teacher to accompanist, from Kapellmeister for wealthy Austrian and Hungarian families to a celebrity in Vienna and London. Beethoven was one of Haydn’s pupils and Haydn was greatly impressed with Mozart’s work and they are said to have occasionally played together in string quartets.
The symphonies are innovative, sometimes humorous, sometimes with soloists and many are well known by their nicknames.
The Haydn Symphonies Project will be looking to play all 106 symphonies in quarterly sessions over a 5 year period. They last in total about 36 hours.
Musicologists agree that the Hob. numbers given to the symphonies by Anthony van Hoboken do not truly reflect the order in which they were written. We will be trying to play them chronologically which will give players an insight into the way the symphony developed over this period although we may need to group some symphonies where for instance flutes or trumpets were introduced to ensure that sessions keep all players fully involved.
In addition to the development of the symphony this period also sees the development of the orchestra. Starting with strings, oboes and horns additional instruments are added over the years and by 1795 we see flutes, clarinets, bassoons, trumpets and timps in regular use.
The symphonies to be played and their orchestration will be published with the enrolment forms for each session. The first two sessions will be for an orchestra comprising strings, oboes and horns. As a compromise between trying to retain an authentic orchestra, and making the sessions available to more players to participate the following additional players are welcome to participate in these initial sessions:-
Flutes – to double oboe parts
Bassoons – to double cello parts
Clarinets – to play oboe parts (in C) but no transposed parts will be provided.
The sessions will become progressively more inclusive.
The first session will be at Dipton Community Centre on Sunday 17 July 2016 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm when we will look at the following symphonies.
Year Symphony (Hob No.) Orchestration
1757 1 Strings Oboes Horns
1757/8 37 Strings Oboes Horns
1757/9 18 Strings Oboes Horns
1759/9 2 Strings Oboes Horns
1757/60 4 Strings Oboes Horns
1757/60 27 Strings Oboes Horns
1758/60 10 Strings Oboes Horns
There will be a tea/coffee/cake break and any cake contributions from players would be most welcome at these events.
I hope that you are all as enthusiastic as I am for this project. Please complete your booking forms as soon as possible so that I can ensure we have sufficient music on the day and I look forward to seeing you.

The enrolment form for the first session on Sunday 17th July is here
Lizelle’s last Morpeth rehearsal
It will be Lizelle’s last evening conducting the Morpeth Group of Cobwebs on Tuesday 5th July. We will be playing through some of this term’s works, including her own “Northumbrian Sketchbook” which many people across Cobwebs have played and enjoyed elsewhere – including Germany and Tuscany! We hope our new conductor, Laura Reavley will be there as well.
Any players from other groups who want to join us would be very welcome on this special occasion.
Cobweb Chamber Orchestra Concert
St. Oswalds Church, Ravenstondale, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4NQ
Sunday 3rd July
6.30pm – FREE ENTRY

Do go and support the Cobweb Chamber Orchestra on Sunday 3rd July who will perform their summer concert in St. Oswald’s Church, Ravenstonedale. The concert will include some movements from the Northern Hills suite, a new composition by members of the Composers & Arrangers group which is very exciting!
A BBC Proms Opportunity
The BBC is calling for amateur musicians to perform Bizet’s Toreador song, from Carmen, at the Proms.
A “virtual orchestra” will be created to play the piece, conducted by Marin Alsop and supported by musicians from the Royal Academy of Music. Everyone from beginners to lapsed musicians are being encouraged to apply by sending a video of their performance to the Get Playing website. The best entries will be cut together and played at Proms in the Park events.
“It’s a big event, because it’s the first time the Last Night of the Proms will include anything by amateur musicians,” said comedian David Baddiel, who is acting as an ambassador for the Virtual Orchestra. For more information click the link below:
That’s all for now, good luck to all those taking part in the concert at Preston Park on Sunday, sorry I can’t be there!
Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright