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We had a fantastic evening with Joe Davies last night – a huge thanks to him for such an informative and interesting evening. Lots to read about and get involved with this week so do grab a cuppa and enjoy!

In this week’s Cobweb News
– Cobweb Virtual Concert Party – this weekend!
– Cobweb Orchestra new Facebook page!
– Musical Book Club
– Live Recital with Helen Farrar
– A questionnaire from Trustees

Cobweb Virtual Concert Party – this weekend!
Saturday 6th March, 7pmThe Spring Concert Party is upon us, and we have a delightful mix of willing performers for this concert, from Mozart to Bartok and a few surprises in between!  We’re now inviting you to join us in supporting the performers whilst enjoying an evening in watching a concert!To enrol please click HERECobweb Orchestra new Facebook Page!
Many of our members are already aware that we have a public Facebook Group for music related social chat that any of our members can access and contribute to.
We have also recently set up a new Facebook Page to run alongside and be complementary to the Facebook group. Whereas the group is a place where members can share posts and musical items of interest as a social community, our new Facebook page will be used to advertise and promote our events, share information and widen our network and also enables us to have a professional social media presence on Facebook (as we already do on twitter via @cobweborchestra). Please do take a look at and “like” both to keep up to date with everything. The link to our new Facebook page: Cobweb Orchestra Facebook page(You may need to sign in to Facebook to access it. Please bear with us while this is still under construction).Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Thursday 11th March, 7pm
We’re going to be getting more ambitious at the next Book Club as we tackle the 2nd movement from Mahler’s Symphony no. 1 – “The Titan”. Don’t be put off though – remember we can’t hear you play! We’ll be discussing the piece and we value any feedback or discussion you’d like to bring.

You can find the music by clicking here: The trumpet parts are in F, but there are Bb versions which can be sent to anyone who wants them.

To enrol, please click here

Live Recital with Helen Farrar
Thursday 25th March, 7pm

Join us for the next Live Recital where you can play along or simply listen as Helen Farrar plays the amazing Rachmaninov piano concerto no. 2.

You can download your part here:

More info to follow, but in order to get your enrolment in early, please click here

A questionnaire from Trustees

To help the Cobweb Orchestra Trustees plan the awakening after more than a year of virtual hibernation, we need to know which activities matter most to Cobweb Orchestra players.

To help us with this, please would you complete the following grid, showing your order of preference (1 = highest preference, 10 = lowest).  Please only put one tick per column or row;  more than one tick will not be counted, and if there is any doubt the lowest-status score will be used.  The information will be fed into a spreadsheet so that we can see the scores but not individual details, and will be used to plan the re-opening of our music-making activities.


FREE virtual concert
Sunday 7th March, 4pm

Sasha, who joined us last week for the amazing Dvorak Romance, will be performing this:

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed