Cobweb News 21: 04.07.16

Dear all,
Well done to all those who recently performed to a sell-out crowd at Preston Park, and to the chamber orchestra who played a lovely concert in Ravenstonedale.

In this weeks Cobweb News:
– Morpeth Group Concert – tomorrow
– Summer Events with Cobwebs – a note from Andy

Morpeth Group Concert – tomorrow!
A plea for all players who intend to come to the final rehearsal of the summer term at Morpeth on the 5th July 7.30-9.30.
Please come armed with a supply of clothes pegs!
Due to printing off extra parts for the evening you my find you are reading from unbound copies. These do have a habit of floating off the music stand unless they are firmly secured with the aid of a peg or two.

Summer Events with Cobwebs – a note from Andy

Mid July to Mid September can seem a very long time with no regular place to play your instrument, and I know that most players want opportunities to go on blowing and bowing through the Summer months, so here’s what’s on offer this year.

Sunday 17 July at Dipton Community Centre.
This is the start of Peter Woods’s amazing Haydn project – all 106 symphonies (yes, he’s unearthed another two) played in more-or-less chronological order over the next five years. Be there from the beginning.
Saturday 13 August at Sage Gateshead.
“Blow the Cobwebs off your music stand” is our contribution to the BBC “Get Playing” initiative and will offer everyone, but especially people who haven’t played their instrument for a while, a chance to engage with music which is easy enough to produce a good performance for friends and relatives by the end of the day, but challenging enough to keep everyone engaged through the rehearsal. Precisely what we play will, of course, depend on who turns up, but the aspiration is to have a go at some Bach and some Holst to get started, then move on to some film scores and songs from musicals, finishing with a Beethoven symphony.
Weekend of 27/28 August Wylam non-residential event.
Two days of music making and socialising on the banks of the Tyne. Precisely what we’ll be playing will depend on who comes. There’s no point aspiring to get through a Mahler symphony if we’re short on brass, for instance. Let me know if there’s a work you’d particularly like to play. You never know, there might be exactly the right people there to give it an airing.
As ever, to help the planning for these events, please let Lorna know if you’re going to be there, and fill in an enrolment form for the Dipton and Wylam ones. The Sage Gateshead day has to be booked directly through their box office.

That’s all for this week, I hope you all have a great week of end of term fun!
Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright