Cobweb News 24: 16.08.16

Dear all,
Thanks to all those who joined us on Saturday for our ‘Get Playing’ day at Sage Gateshead. Welcome to those of you who are new to Cobwebs, I look forward to seeing you at events soon.

In this weeks Cobweb News:
– Wylam Non-Residential
– BBC Virtual Orchestra
– Autumn events – A note from Andy

Wylam Non Residential
Wylam Institute, Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th August
I can confirm this is now going ahead, thanks to all of you who have signed up. I cannot be there sadly so if you can pay cheque or BACS I’d be very grateful.
We’re confidently assuming that it will be beautiful weather throughout so we’ll be able to sit in the garden for picnics, maybe even play outside and amble down to enjoy some of the excellent pubs by the river.
In keeping with this idyll of country life, we’re going for an English pastoral theme for some of the repertoire with Vaughan William’s English Folk Song Suite, Holst’s A Somerset Rhapsody and maybe some Delius (if we have enough strings to manage all the divisi).
Also on the agenda are Brahms’s Academic Festival Overture and Mozart’s glorious G minor Symphony (no.40), with parts for instruments such as trumpets and trombones not included in the original score.
As usual, there are boxes full of surprise pieces to keep us unreasonably busy for the whole time.
We already have a nicely balanced orchestra signed up, but there is no upper limit for this event, so if more of you are interested in coming along for some or all of it, please get in touch.

The enrolment form can be found on the event webpage. If anyone is in need of or can offer accommodation, please let me know and I will try to match people up!

Cobweb Orchestra AGM
Saturday 17th September, 11 – 4pm
Haxby Memorial Hall, 16 The Village, Haxby, York, YO32 3HT
Join us in a study day of Brahms Symphony No. 1 with the AGM taking place in the lunch break. The day is FREE so I just need to know that you’re coming along. Please let me know by email as soon as possible.

BBC Virtual Orchestra
A lot of you asked us about this, and whilst we’re not specifically doing anything for it, we wondered if any of you are, or are intending to?
The closing date is 27 August so do consider taking part, it looks like a great opportunity!

Autumn events – A note from Andy
Dear all
I know it’s still Summer, and you’re probably on holiday, but I thought you’d like advance notice of the Cobweb programme for the Autumn so that you can get dates in the diary for the events you fancy.
So, in brief, the Autumn programme consists of: two concerts in Sage Gateshead in November, the second installment of Peter Wood’s Haydn project and three consecutive weekends of some of the most unusual events it’s ever been my privilege to arrange (more below). In addition, there’s the AGM with Brahms 1st symphony, a Strauss study day with Chris Griffiths, a chance to play Bartok’s “Concerto for Orchestra” with Mark Edwards, and we finish the term’s activities with the Ridley Hall Residential weekend. Phew.
I hope there’s something in there for everybody. There are dates, timings, venues and other details on the website, but here’s a bit more explanation about the events that probably most need it:
We having our first ever Library repertoire day on Sunday 25 September in Billingham. The Cobweb library now numbers 500 sets of music, and some of them rarely get played. Yet there are some gems in there, so we’re going to spend an afternoon playing as many as possible of them, and deciding if we’d like to programme them in the future.
You’ll know Alice Jones as a brilliant cellist who has played concertos (Elgar, Dvorak, Hawkes) with us in the past, but this year, she is going to do something very different. Alice has spent the last three years qualifying as a Dalcroze Method specialist. Dalcroze Eurythmics is a way of learning music which focuses on rhythm and encourages more physical awareness in players, so Sunday 9 October in Shap should be a fascinating and worthwhile day.
Then, on Saturday 15 October, the Composers and Arrangers Group are launching their CD “Northern Hills”, featuring works by 7 Cobweb composers. The Cobweb Chamber Orchestra spent an exhausting day in a very hot studio making the recording and the resulting CD is in production right now. The launch event gives everyone a chance to play music that has been written especially for us.
The two Sage Gateshead Concerts are on subsequent weekends in November and it would be good to have a big turnout for both, so the prices will be lower than usual to encourage you to come to both. We’re in Hall 1on Saturday 5th for Haydn’s “Creation” with the Silver Singers conducted by Glen Davis. Then, on Sunday 13, we’re working with Rebecca Mills, (the wonderful harpist many of you will remember from Ridely Hall), playing a programme of French music. As usual with our Hall 2 concerts, the size of the orchestra has to be limited to the space available, so please sign up as soon as the enrolment form comes out in September.
One more thing – our Beginners’ Orchestra; I know Lorna’s been flagging it up lots over the last couple of months, but I’m going to mention it yet again. Please do everything you can to encourage people to come to this. It is almost like a relaunch of the very first Cobweb group 21 years ago and will be the best chance tentative players are ever likely to get of joining an orchestra where they won’t be out of their depth after the first few bars. We start with a Saturday in Dipton on 1st October, immediately followed by regular weekly classes on Tuesday evenings in Ludworth.
Looking forward to seeing you at some, many or all of these events.
Enjoy the rest of the Summer.

That’s all for this week, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about any events in the future.
Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright