Cobweb News 24: 29.09.14

Dear all,
I hope you had a fabulous time on Saturday, it looked amazing! Thanks go to Eldon Community Centre for their hospitality as always. Pictures of you all squeezing in are attached!
*Happy News*
Jonathan Brigg, conductor of the York group is away in London this week as part of his ‘young composer programme’ with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. You may be interested in reading a news story about this prestigious composing opportunity, which features the York Cobweb group!
*Upcoming Events*
Saturday 4th October, Newcastle Cathedral, Flower Festival
Proms Style Cobwebs in Concert
As part of St. Nicholas’s Flower Festival, we are presenting a proms style concert with soloist Mary Coffield (soprano). We’ll be performing music from across all styles and genres, reflecting the themes of the festival and concluding with a traditional finish with favourites “Land of Hope and Glory” and “Jerusalem”.
Rehearsal will be 2-6pm with an evening performance starting at 7pm.
Members of the Cobweb Orchestra £ 10.00
Non-members £ 13.00
*There’s still space for a few more players if you’ve been thinking of coming along, but haven’t signed up yet*
Sunday 19th October, Haxby Memorial Hall, York
Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances – Mark Edwards
Members of the Cobweb Orchestra £ 10.00
Non-members £ 13.00
To celebrate Rachmaninov no longer being in copyright, we’ll be having a look at the much loved Symphonic Dances with Mark Edwards-our first Study Day with him! Premiered in Philadelphia in 1941, the Symphonic Dances were sadly not heard in the UK until much later in 1954. As Rachmaninov’s last work, it was initially scored for two pianos and then prepared for full orchestra, just six weeks later. It contains three dances, Noon, Twilight and Midnight though later Rachmaninov left each dance title-less. Originally the work was called Fantastic Dances, and is a perfect culmination of Rachmaninov’s creations. Quoting many of his previous works, you could call his a blockbuster mega-mix of his genius orchestrations!
The day will start at 11am and finish at 4.30pm with a shared lunch at around 1pm. Enrolment form is available on the event webpage.
Sunday 26th October, Venue & Times tbc. (Likely Carlisle area),
Beethoven Symphony No. 1 – Jonathan Bloxham
Members of the Cobweb Orchestra £ 10.00
Non-members £ 13.00
Join us for an exciting afternoon rehearsal of Beethoven Symphony No. 1. The work will be performed in the second half of an informal evening concert with conductor Jonathan Bloxham performing a Bach Cello Suite in the first half. Enrolment form is attached.
Rehearsal likely to be 2-6pm, performance at 7pm, Venue tbc.
Sunday 9th November, Storey Park Community Centre, Morpeth
Brahms Symphony No. 4 – Chris Griffiths, 1-5pm
Members of the Cobweb Orchestra £ 10.00
Non-members £ 13.00
Chris Griffiths takes us through another Brahms Symphony this time Symphony No. 4 He tells his tale of this work:
When I conducted Brahms Symphony no 4 with Darlington Youth Orchestra a few years ago, I asked Thomas Zehetmair (currently then still Music Director of our Northern Sinfonia), if he would kindly mentor me in a rehearsal. He very kindly agreed.
The moment he walked into the room all the young players sat bolt upright in their chairs! I can only assume it was his natural charisma as I had not told them he is one of the world’s greatest violinists (for fear there would suddenly be no orchestra!!). Up in Morpeth, my interpretation will I hope be influenced very much by Thomas….

Enrolment form is available on the event webpage!
Sunday16th November, Sage Gateshead
Cobweb Orchestra in Concert with Iona Brown
Thank you to all those who have registered their interest with this event. We can almost squeeze you all in! Please complete your enrolment form (on the event webpage) as soon as possible to confirm you can still perform. Anyone who hasn’t registered interest, and would like to play, please still fill in a form. We will prioritise those who have pre-enrolled but will take all forms into consideration.
If you have pre-enrolled and can no longer make the performance date or have changed your mind, please do also let me know!
*A Blog for Martin Wilkinson*
So many of you have been sending in lovely thoughts, memories and tributes to Martin, we thought we might create an online blog post where people’s comments can be shared with others. Please do send me anything you’d like to contribute to this and I’ll let you know when it gets published on the website.
That’s all for this week, lots of events to be getting stuck into! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,