Cobweb News 25: 10.10.14

Dear all,
What a fantastic concert we had on Saturday. It was well attended and people were incredibly supportive of us. We performed almost 20 pieces, including a lovely set from the Baroque Ensemble and songs sung by Mary Coffield. Thanks and well done to all those who played.
**Upcoming Events**
Sunday 19th October, Haxby Memorial Hall, York, 11-4.30pm.
Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances – Mark Edwards
Members of the Cobweb Orchestra £ 10.00
Non-members £ 13.00
To celebrate Rachmaninov no longer being in copyright, we’ll be having a look at the much loved Symphonic Dances with Mark Edwards-our first Study Day with him! Premiered in Philadelphia in 1941, the Symphonic Dances were sadly not heard in the UK until much later in 1954. As Rachmaninov’s last work, it was initially scored for two pianos and then prepared for full orchestra, just six weeks later. It contains three dances, Noon, Twilight and Midnight though later Rachmaninov left each dance title-less. Originally the work was called Fantastic Dances, and is a perfect culmination of Rachmaninov’s creations. Quoting many of his previous works, you could call his a blockbuster mega-mix of his genius orchestrations!
The day will start at 11am and finish at 4.30pm with a shared lunch at around 1pm. Enrolment form is available on the event webpage. Don’t forget a music stand!
Sunday 26th October, Rockcliffe Centre, Rockcliffe, Carlisle, CA6 4AA
Beethoven Symphony No. 1 – Jonathan Bloxham
Rehearsal 1-5pm, Concert 6pm
Members of the Cobweb Orchestra £ 10.00
Non-members £ 13.00
Join us for an exciting afternoon rehearsal of Beethoven Symphony No. 1 with conductor Jonathan Bloxham. We haven’t been advertising this event for long and it might not have crossed your radar yet, but I know how many of you enjoyed working with Joanathan last year playing the Sibelius Violiin Concerto and Elgar’s Symphony no. 1, and it would be great if we could produce an appropriately sized and shaped orchestra for Beethoven’s innovative 1st symphony.
Even if you can’t make the rehearsal, do consider going to the informal (and FREE) concert in the evening and having the chance of hearing him play Bach’s sublime 1st cello suite as well as conducting the Beethoven. Enrolment form and poster are available on the event webpage. Please distribute the poster as much as you can! Don’t forget a music stand!
**Important Info**
The minutes of the recent AGM have been written up and are attached. Please do have a look.
AGM minutes 2014
**Players with young children**
The Trustees have been giving a great deal of thought recently about how to support players with parental responsibilities, particularly those with young children. We know that it can be hard to get out on an evening to play with the weekly groups, and possibly even harder to arrange childcare to make yourself free for a study day or concert. How any of you ever make it to residentials, I’ll never know.
Is there any way that Cobwebs might be able to make it easier for parents to continue regular playing at this particularly busy time of their lives?
We have looked into the possibility of employing childcare companies at our events and how that might be funded, but have little idea of how extensively such a facility might be used, even if it could be afforded.
Community groups and churches sometimes use more informal arrangements for looking after young members to free up the majority of the adults. Might this work for Cobwebs?
If any parents (or other interested parties) have any thoughts about childcare, please let Howard know – Howard Rocke
**A Note from Andy**
Some more statistics.
Recently, I had to compile some information about the orchestra for an Arts Council funding application and I thought the results might interest Cobweb players.
Did you know that last year we ran 287 weekly rehearsal sessions attracting 7210 attendances, an average of 25.5?
And our 42 weekend concerts/study days and residential events (yes, that really is all but 10 weekends when something took place) were attended by 1672 players. That’s an average of 39.8.
Total player hours = 22,730
It would be interesting to know how many different people play with us over the course of a year, but that would require a more detailed and very time-consuming investigation of the data. Is there anyone out there who would enjoy trying to work this out? You’ll need a google e-mail account and lots of patience.

**Ridley Hall Residential**
Dear All,
We have had a great response to the annual Ridley Hall residential with a good sized orchestra already signed up. There are still a few places if you were thinking of booking but haven’t let us know. The attached form needs to be filled in by those players who have signed up and paid their deposit and also anyone else who wishes to come.
**Finally a note from Liz**
This year, The Cobwebs Library has moved, had new shelving, is starting a new record keeping system and has sorted music for a lot of events and people. Now it needs a bit of TLC, so;-
Come and help – next week – beginning Monday 13th October is Library week. The Library is going to be open on the following days;
Monday 10am – 12 noon Lee House
Tuesday 2pm – 4pm Lee House
Wednesday 10 am – 12 noon The Sage Gateshead
Thursday 2 pm to 4 pm Lee House
Friday 10 am – 12 noon Lee House
There is a huge variety of things that need to be done, from restoring stationery and collating music, to sorting and counting sets of parts. Someone (possibly Barbara Griffin, or Ruth Tanner or me) will be there to show you what to do and how to do it, so there’s no guesswork involved.
Lee House is a huge brick building in the centre of Peterlee, and is conveniently located next to Wilkinsons roof carpark which has free parking .
At The Sage Gateshead there will be a notice in the MEC telling you which room we’re in.
Please do let me know if you intend to come; space in the Library is limited so it would be very helpful to know who will be there.
Reply on;
Liz (Carlile)

That’s all for this week, I’ll be in touch soon regarding more events in November!