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Dear all,

What a lovely concert it was in Aysgarth last weekend, congratulations to all those involved. We're all getting excited for the Durham Cathedral performance of Mozart Requiem – please do come support us if you're not already involved, it's going to be a fantastic occasion!

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– November Events
– A message from Anita
– A message from Andy

– November Events
Both events are £10 for members, £14 for non members – please see website for more details or email me!

Haydn Symphonies Project
The 6th session in our journey through Haydn's symphonies will be on Sunday 12 November 2017 at St Oswins Church Hall, Wylam from 2.00pm to 6.00pm. 

We will be looking at symphonies 34,23,22,21,24,and 29 all written between 1763 and 1765. Symphony No.21 (The Philosopher) is one of Haydn's "named" symphonies and is unique as it has 2 coranglais instead of oboes. A great opportunity for those of you who play the coranglais!

All of the other symphonies we will be looking at were written for strings with oboes and horns (although bassoons are likely to have also played cello parts and will be very welcome at this session).

As a compromise between trying to retain an authentic orchestra, and making the sessions available to more players to participate the following additional players are also welcome to participate in this session:-
Flutes – to double oboe parts
Clarinets – to play oboe parts (in C) but no transposed parts will be provided.
After this session we will have looked at 34 of the symphonies. Only 72 to go and the orchestra does get bigger soon! 

Please book asap so that we know how many parts we will need.

Mozart Double Bill Study Day with Chris Griffiths
Saturday 18th November, 11-4pm
Newbiggin on Lune Public Hall, 
Kirkby Stephen,
CA17 4NT

Chris writes: 
As a student at the RAM, quite a long time ago (!), performing at an audition or similar event, I launched into the wrong rondo after the 2nd movement of this concerto that we will be playing in Kirkby Stephen!!
It must have sounded ok – and somehow fitted with the accompaniment! – but of course all was revealed when the pianist played their version after my confident opening!
So I won't be making that mistake again!
Andy suggested pairing it with symphony no 40, which has adapted parts – no doubt the result of his own brilliant handiwork, that was so successful in our last session, earlier this year in Billingham…

We will enjoy a shared lunch on this day, feel free to contribute to this.

– A message from Anita about Shepherds Dene Residential
Hi All,
We have had a great response to our weekend residential at Shepherds Dene but can still take a few more people (particularly upper strings).. If you have thought about coming but haven't quite got around to filling in the form the main form is attached here.
Best wishes,

– A message from Andy

Barbara and Graham and their team have done a brilliant job of organising our massive library so that it is a reliable yet flexible resource and I've been giving some thought as to how we can use it in slightly different ways. 

So this is idea no. 1.

Over the last couple of years, we've held "Concerto Days" when some of our more confident players have put themselves forward as soloists and played a vast range of music featuring their instruments. This process led to a recent performance of three concertos, with Cobweb members as soloists, being performed before a very appreciative audience in the lovely setting of Preston Hall Music Room.

I thought it would be a good idea to open up the possibility of more of our players, (not necessarily those who are used to the limelight), having a go at being soloists and delving into our library to see what is available. We have over 50 pieces for soloist and orchestra in the Cobweb library ranging from Baroque to contemporary and covering almost every instrument. Some of them are quite short and the longer pieces can be split into single movements, so you don't have to commit to anything too long and complicated.

So, if you think you might be interested in looking at the list of pieces available and deciding if you'd like to try one. Let me know (

We've put aside Saturday 10th February 2018 (Venue TBD) to try out this new way of using the library and creating challenging but achievable new opportunities for players. Get the date in you diary whether you want to try being a soloist, or want to come along and support soloists by forming the orchestra to accompany them.

I'm working on idea no. 2, but, in the meantime, if you have any thoughts on ways of using the library to the benefit of all our players, please share them with me. 


That's all for this week, I hope you're having/had a lovely half term break!

Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright