Cobweb News 28: 17/12/2015

Dear all,
As promised, we’ve finalised all the details for the January events ‘ A Month of Days’ and all the information is now on our website. Before I go into detail though, please take a moment to read this note from Michael Betteridge:
Hi everyone. Just a quick word from me to say a massive thank you for all your hard work and support over the two (and more!) years I have been your adopted composer. I have learnt so much from the experience and, as I said to the audience at the Sage concert earlier this month, I have never worked with such a dedicated and open minded ensemble and that goes for all the professional and amateur ensembles I’ve worked with. It’s been such a pleasure and delight to meet so many of you, some only fleetingly, and others who I’m sure I’ll see lots of in the future. You are truly an inspirational group of musicians who I hope to work with again.
Also, do check out the recording from the concert at the Sage on my soundcloud:

Michael Betteridge
Composer and vocal leader
**Upcoming Events**
10 January, 2-6pm, Strings Day with Nick Byrne in Dalston – more info here (please note change in time)
10 January, 1-5pm, Brass Day with Ben Chinery in Stanley- more info here
16 January, 12-6pm, Big Band Day with Judith Thompson in Billingham – more info here
24 January, 2-6pm, Wind Day with Philip Cull in Eldon – more info here
30 January, 11-4pm, Sight Reading Day with Andy Jackson in Newbiggin on Lune – more info here
I look forward to receiving all your enrolments!
It’s just left for me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a jolly New Year. Enjoy your festive break and stay safe during your travels.
Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright