Cobweb News 30: 03/10/2016

Dear all,
Well done to those of you who attended the Beginners Day last Saturday, and welcome to those new players who were at Ludworth last night. A bit from Andy is below the photo from Saturday.

New Beginnings
Cobwebs’ 9th weekly group got off to a wonderful start at Ludworth this week with 19 players instantly forming a happy, friendly orchestra of strings and wind. No brass yet, but some are due to join us next week.
We played Mozart, Purcell and Lennon/McCartney and sounded pretty good by the end.
So, the Beginners’ Orchestra is now up-and-running. Tell anyone who wants to have a go at orchestral playing about it. The intention is to pitch every week at the level of people who are joining an orchestra for the first time. It’s probably worth pointing out that this is mainly aimed at people who already play an instrument and read music a little rather than those who have never played before at all.
Also, existing Cobwebbers might like to come along from time to time. It’s fun, and, as one of our established players who was at the first session said: “Everyone should do this. It makes you realise how much you’ve forgotten.

In this weeks Cobweb News:
– Alice Jones’ Dalcroze Day – this Sunday!
– Composers and Arrangers CD Launch
– Cobweb Cabaret Orchestra performance
– Any spare A Clarinets?
– Cobfriends Info

Alice Jones’ Dalcroze Day – this Sunday!
Sunday 9th October
Shap Village Hall, Main Street, Shap, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 3NL
Join Alice Jones for a day of Dalcroze. In her words:

“Dalcroze Eurhythmics, developed by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze in Switzerland at the beginning of the twentieth century, is an exciting and unique approach to learning and interpreting music that explores musical concepts through the body. The three main components are rhythmic movement, ear training and improvisation.
In this workshop we will be focusing mainly on the rhythmic element. The Dalcroze approach helps to develop ensemble and musicianship skills needed for orchestral playing in an engaging and all-inclusive way. It encourages more physical awareness in players whilst developing internal pulse and reaction time. During the session we will play some fantastic repertoire by Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky and Ravel and discover their use of rhythm, harmony, phrasing and other musical elements through the Dalcroze approach. The workshop will be physically active at times but not much more than playing a musical instrument!”

Whilst engaging in this approach, we’ll be exploring some great repertoire, including Mendelssohn’s String symphony no 4 (with parts for wind and brass too), Tchaikovsky’s Nocturne for Cello and orchestra (with Alice as soloist) and Ravel’s stunning orchestration of his own Alborada del Gracioso.
Members £9
Non Members £12
Enrolment form can be found here

Composers and Arrangers CD Launch – FREE event!
Saturday 15th October
Great Hall, Hexham Abbey, Beaumont St, Hexham, NE46 3NB
Join us in the official CD launch of the Cobwebs Composers and Arrangers suite of 6 pieces entitled ‘Northern Hills’.
We will be rehearsing and performing in the Great Hall at Hexham Abbey, which is in the heart of the Hexham. If friends and family are seeing the presentation they can be sure of a nice day in Hexham! It’s very accessible by train too.
We are looking for a full orchestra for this performance so don’t hesitate to sign up for this FREE event!
Rehearsal will be 2pm till 4pm, then a break with refreshments provided, friends and family can join us from 4.30 for the performance at 5pm. As part of the performance we will also play the much loved Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture. Of course there will then be the opportunity to buy a copy of the CD.
No enrolment form for this one, please just let me know ASAP if you intend to participate.

Cobweb Cabaret Orchestra performance
Do join the Cobweb Cabaret Orchestra in their performance on Saturday 8th October at 2pm at The Witham in Barnard Castle. Enjoy a sophisticated and playful mix of Mozart, Elgar, Jazz, Latin Amercian and numbers from opera and musicals from this wonderful mini orchestra.
Find out more here:

Any spare A Clarinets?
Does anyone have a spare ‘A’ Clarinet? We often get new players who only have a Bb, which can limit their involvement or make the parts too difficult. If anyone has an A clarinet which could be loaned to people in this position, that would be very helpful. Do get in touch if you might be able to help.

Cobfriends Information
Please click here for the Cobfriends report 15-16 and here for a copy of the accounts for your information.

That’s all for this week, I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the Dalcroze Day with Alice on Sunday!
Best wishes,
Event Co-ordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright