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Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club – this Thursday!
News from The Groups: Billingham
Cobweb Virtual Orchestra 4
Playing at Home and/or Playing Away – a note from Andy

Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club – this Thursday!
Thursday 20th August, 6pm
£4 Members / £5 Non-Members
Dvorak Slavonic Dance in G minor op 46 no. 8.
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Andy thought it was about time we looked at something from the Romantic period: 
You’ll need to navigate through the files to find your own part as all 8 dances in the set are published together. There are no bar numbers or rehearsal letters, but it’s relatively easy to know where you are because of the frequent key and tempo changes.
The link below will take you to where you need to download your part / score, but do get in touch if you need a hand.
Slavonic Dances, Op.46 (Dvořák, Antonín) – IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download
This sessions’ discussion point will be the “hemiola”.

News from The Groups: Billingham
Update from Mike Day 

Our oboist, Jane Watt has set up an app on which we meet when we used to rehearse—Monday evening.
Under Jane’s direction, we share our musical tastes with YouTube recordings, and often discuss our top ten best pieces in a variety of categories. They are then set up in a playlist. In addition we discuss our instruments, their individual characteristics, and what is difficult about playing them. All in all, we have learnt a lot of new music, and much about the instruments of our orchestra. We are a happy gang!

Cobweb Virtual Orchestra 4 – the next project!
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Thanks to everyone involved in CVO3 Miserere. Quite an achievement. It’s certainly up there amongst Cobwebs’ finest moments.
If you haven’t seen it yet, do check it out at the link here. A huge thanks to Steve again for his directing and well done to all of you who took part. We’ve had a fantastic response:
Such a beautiful and calming piece from the Cobwebs. And technical genius to get everyone playing”
“It is pleasing to find Cobwebs promoting a different kind of inclusion: orchestral opportunity for anyone wanting to commit. It is so heartening.”
“Wow! It’s quite a long time since we’ve listened to the Cobwebs- and what a treat this is”
“Listened yesterday with visiting family who were very impressed.”

The CVO producer’s baton has now been passed to Catherine Preston (Flute, Tyneside group), who will be putting together a piece called “What Can one Person Do?” It starts with just one performer in the middle of the screen. After a few seconds, another player joins in with a harmony, then 4, 8, 16 …… you get the idea. The whole piece is over in less than two minutes and finishes with as many people playing as we can muster, so, unlike earlier CVO performances, there will be no cap on the numbers involved.

This piece exemplifies Cobwebs’ open-access ethos. Absolutely everybody from everywhere is welcome to play: the parts will be individually tailored to players, so if you’re a grade 3 cellist, or a jazz clarinettist, or an 8 year old trumpeter, or anybody who can play more than one note (F and E) on their instrument, there’ll be a part for you. Singers are welcome too, and instruments which do not normally make it into an orchestra (e.g. saxophone, piano, penny whistle) can be included. If you play more than one instrument, you might like to contribute extra recordings. Yet another innovation – if you’d like to be part of this piece, but would rather not send in a video, audio-only recordings will be incorporated into the sound too.

“Hello everyone,
I have agreed to be the video producer for the next Cobweb Virtual Orchestra performance (CV04). I play flute and piccolo at the Newcastle Cobweb Orchestra and have attended several Cobweb weekend workshops all over the North East since joining in April 2019. In March this year, I missed playing so much I decided to learn how to produce multi screen videos. There are three so far which can be found on YouTube – look for Catherine Preston Music.
Jim Dunleavy and Steve Messam, who have produced the other Cobweb videos have assured me of their help and expertise so I hope I can do as good a job for the next one. I look forward to working with you all.
Best wishes
Catherine Preston”

Because of the parts being created especially for each player, there will be a gap between enrolling and being sent further information, but Catherine is hoping to have the piece finished by the end of September, so please enrol as soon as possible, and no later than the end of August. You will then be sent a part and will need to send in your recording(s) no later than 12th September.

Playing at Home and/or Playing Away
A note from Andy

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for volunteers to join a group developing ideas for making music with other people without being physically in the same place. This group of 11 people is now putting together some innovative plans for keeping everyone playing and keeping in touch with each other.

Then, last Friday, government guidelines changed and we found out that bands, choirs and orchestras will be allowed to play again, but under conditions which, I’m afraid, are open to different interpretations. However, we are working on the assumption that, for the time being at least, groups of up to 30 musicians are allowed to meet and play together.

All being well, The Guinea Pig Orchestra will be meeting soon to work within a risk assessment and test our procedures. If there are no major stumbling blocks, we should then be able to cautiously organise events. There is no point in putting a timescale on these plans as the guidelines have changed at short notice in the past and may well do so in the future.

Any playing away that Cobwebs aspires to will likely remain just that – an aspiration rather than a firm plan – for some time to come.
In the meantime, we will also continue to provide opportunities for you to engage with music and with other players from the comfort of your own home.

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed