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Cobwebs is officially (almost) back! Thanks so much to those in the Guinea Pig Orchestra who took part in our experiment on Saturday. They played 2 Symphonies and 2 Overtures (not bad for a 3 hour session!) and we’ve had great feedback so far with Dave Wood stating it was the “best thing that’s happened since March!”  We are preparing now to see if we can hold events in this new normal so watch out in the coming weeks for that, as well as watching out for information from your groups. In the meantime, we have 2 events online this week we’d love you to get involved with, as well as something new for next week led by Catherine, flute player from Tyneside group.

In this weeks Cobweb News:
Musical Book Club – this Thursday!
Virtual Concert Party – this Saturday!
The Social Lives of Composers – hosted by Dr. Catherine Preston

Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Thursday 3rd September, 6pm
Members £4, Non-Members £5

This week’s book club sees us explore Bizet’s Symphony in C – First movement. We’re going to try to play along to a recording – to ourselves when we recorded it in 2011! This, as you know, will be the first time we’re trying this so bear with us – it might take a bit of technical support to get it to work, but we’re developing this all the time!
The link below will take you to where you need to download your part / score, but do get in touch if you need a hand.
We will meet on Zoom, which works on all computers, tablets and smart phones. You don’t need to have any special programmes or apps on your device to make it work, you just follow a link which will be sent to you from Lorna the day before the meeting.
We will continue to invite players to stay on the Zoom call longer to join a ‘breakout room’ to allow a chance for members to catch up with one another. Please let me know in advance if there’s particular people you’d like to catch up with and I’ll match you together! Andy is likely to use this feature throughout the session to link up similar instruments or passages of music.


Virtual Concert Party
Saturday 5th September, 7pm

FREE to attend

After such a brilliantly successful concert last month, we have decided to run another concert on Saturday 5th September at 7pm.

The line up of performers includes some duets of people living in the same household, a theatrical recitation and more of Liz’s wonderful harp playing – so don’t miss it!

As ever, we’d love to see as many of you as possible there as audience members. Your support last time was fantastic, and I think we can do even better! Please use the enrolment form here to select ‘audience’ and you’ll receive an invite to a Zoom meeting the day before the concert.

The Social Lives of Composers
Thursday 10th September, 6pm
hosted by Dr Catherine Preston
This session will be the first of a series that will uncover the some of the background to the lives of composers and the circumstances that influenced their music. For instance, did you know that Schoenberg suffered from triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13)? He died on 13th July 1951. His fear was linked to the idea that 12 is the number for perfection (think 12 note row). It has even been suggested that he deliberately misspelled the title of his opera, Moses und Aron, to avoid it being 13 letters long.The first session, on Thursday 10th September, will look at the social life of Beethoven and feature some anecdotes and stories surrounding his life and work. For example, did you know that Beethoven was famous for his improvising skills before he lost his hearing and he still retained perfect pitch for the rest of his life?There have been thousands of words written about Beethoven, so I don’t propose to provide a description of his life and times. The session will focus on my experiences of playing, performing and studying  some of his music and I hope that others that others will join in with their recollections too. We may even finish with a Zoom playalong if I can sort out a suitable piece.That’s all for this week. I look forward to seeing Book Clubbers on Thursday and enjoying the party on Saturday!
Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed