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We are unable to host our event in Haxby as we previously thought we might but we will keep on with our online programme for now.

In this weeks Cobweb News
Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club – tomorrow night!
Sheet music available

Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Thursday 17th September, 6pm
Members £4, Non-Members £5

This week’s book club sees us continuing to explore Bizet’s Symphony in C –  this time we’re looking at the final movement. After the success last week, we’re going to  play along to a recording – to ourselves when we recorded it in 2011! We are hopeful that Andy will be able to play the recording so he will be in time with his conducting!

The link below will take you to where you need to download your part / score, but do get in touch if you need a hand.,_Georges)

We will meet on Zoom, which works on all computers, tablets and smart phones. You don’t need to have any special programmes or apps on your device to make it work, you just follow a link which will be sent to you from Lorna the day before the meeting.

We will continue to invite players to stay on the Zoom call longer to join a ‘breakout room’ to allow a chance for members to catch up with one another. Please let me know in advance if there’s particular people you’d like to catch up with and I’ll match you together! Andy is likely to use this feature throughout the session to link up similar instruments or passages of music.

Sheet music available

Phil Adamson left a huge collection of sheet music which has now been boxed and catalogued. It can be collected from Jennie from Forest Hall, and you can contact her on to reserve items. The full list of music available is here.

That’s all for this week, I hope you all remain safe and well.

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed