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A concert from London – join in or listen to Trio Taliesin
Cobweb Orchestra Virtual Concert Party
Cobweb Orchestra Plays at Home for a bit longer

A concert from London – join in or listen to Trio Taliesin.
Thursday 5th November, 6pm

This is a live edition of our bi-weekly Musical Bookclub where, instead of playing along to a recording, we play along to Tara Clifford (Piano), Kirsten Wilson (Violin) and Alice Jones (Cello) as they perform Beethoven’s Triple Concerto via Zoom.
The orchestral parts will be played on a second piano by Catherine Herriott so we have a choice of joining in with our own orchestral parts (whilst on mute) or sitting back and enjoying the performance.”

To download your parts, please click here:
The price is £5 to cover the costs and if participants wish to make a further donation, it will be given in full to Trio Taliesin. This gives us all a chance to support young professional musicians whose incomes have been severely affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

Cobweb Virtual Concert Party
Saturday 7th November, 7pm

After the amazing success of the last few concert parties, we’ll be hosting another on Saturday 7th November. At this event, we’ll be premiering our CVO 4 piece, and we have a few performers, but there’s room for another if you are still keen! For those of you who prefer to be in the audience, please do still enrol and select ‘audience’ so that you can be sent the Zoom link for the event nearer the time.



We all hope that soon, we’ll be able to “Play Away”, but we can’t be sure of this, certainly not in the next few months. Even when we are able to play together again in groups, we will probably still need to maintain the virtual programme. Here are a few reasons:

1) There will be players who don’t wish to attend live events, or perhaps can’t for a variety of reasons, e.g., people who live in other parts of this country, or in other countries, or who find travelling difficult, or need to self-isolate.

2) Artistic reasons: we’re creating new types of orchestras that can ONLY exist virtually, and it’s very difficult to uninvent things. There may well continue to be a demand for the activities we’ve pioneered in the last few months.

3) It’s cheaper – not playing for venues or travel expenses, for instance.

4) It’s better for the environment. People are not travelling hundreds of miles by car to attend events.

It is possible that a future Cobweb programme might be a hybrid of the type of events we ran before March 2020 and alongside those, a continuation of some aspects of the current virtual programme.

With this in mind, the “Playing at Home” group (probably more accurately described as a “think tank”) have come up with a number of ideas of musical and/or social activities Cobweb players might enjoy whilst we’re unable to meet and play music in the same place at the same time.
Here they are (in no particular order).

Let us know if you’d be interested in participating in any of them and, if there are enough takers, we’ll try to find a way of providing appropriate online events.

1) Composers and Arrangers group. Revival of the group to encourage the development of new repertoire.

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2) A music theory group. This could be general, developing players’ grasp of theoretical issues, or focussed, perhaps leading to a qualification (grade V, perhaps). We already have someone ready and willing to lead this group.

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3) Learn music by heart with the idea of playing music without the dots when we get back together again.

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4) Using the Cobweb Virtual Orchestra to play for events such as weddings.

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5) Instrument clinics: Using the Cobweb network to connect players of the same or similar instruments (all brass?, all strings) or complimentary (wind quintet, mixed chamber ensembles) to discuss technique, repertoire, etc.

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6) A Cobweb YouTube Group to make short “how to” films. Suggested subjects are: playing a new instrument, how to set up and fold a music stand, tuning, counting rest bars, the Instrument Library, etc. etc.

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7) New technology group to stay up-to-date with what is available that might make it possible to play in real time online. When the breakthrough comes, we want to be there.

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8) Musical buddies – e.g. New instrument buddies: two people, each one teaches the other to play their instrument. Getting better buddies – two people, of whatever instrument, listen and pick out the positives and things to improve on, for each other. Expert and novice – if willing, good players of a particular instrument pair up with someone less experienced on that instrument, to encourage and advise.
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9) Cobwebs virtual seminars and lectures. If you have a particular area of musical knowledge or expertise, would you like to share it with other players? Perhaps some of our conductors could introduce and explore pieces of music with illustrations from recordings, or some of our composers explain how they turn ideas into sound.

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10) A large joint endeavour such as an all-day-long virtual concert or playing all Hindemith’s instrumental sonatas?
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11) Something really light-hearted involving dressing up and a bit of glamour. A virtual version of the Cabaret Ensemble, maybe?
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12) Making a documentary film about Cobwebs. It would have to be unlike the one we commissioned for the 25th anniversary, perhaps including archive footage from past events and socially distanced recreations of moments we forgot to record at the time.
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13) Social events on zoom. The York group already runs regular quizzes and have held a “Desert Island Discs” session. Other groups might like to organise something.
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15) Master classes with professional friends of the orchestra.
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Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed