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We enjoyed a great, albeit technically challenged Cobweb Virtual Concert Party at the weekend – thanks to all who took part or supported.

In this week’s Cobweb News:
Playing at Home – an update
Cobweb Musical Book Club
CVO5 – Fauré’s Pavane

Music themed face coverings with donations to Cobwebs

Playing at Home – an update

A couple of weeks ago, the “Playing at Home” think tank came up with a list of 14 ideas to keep us engaged with music and with each other over the coming months.

Thanks to the many of you responded positively to these. It gave us an insight into which ideas were most likely to flourish. Here they are. If you didn’t get around to ticking any of the boxes last time around, have a think about these five options and let us know if you’d like to be involved now that the projects are beginning to firm up.

1) Composers and Arrangers group. Revival of the group to encourage the development of new repertoire. A small group of people are already interested and others are welcome to join, regardless of experience.

Yes, I’m interested in this idea. (Click here)

2) Learn music by heart with the idea of playing music without the dots when we get back together again. About a dozen players have expressed interest in this idea, so we’ve got about half an orchestra at the moment. Once we have enough players to fill all the parts, I’ll choose a piece which should work (probably something not too hard with quite a few repeats in it) and suggest ways we can begin to make progress while we’re all still trapped in our own homes.

Yes, I’m interested in this idea. (Click here)

3) Instrument clinics: Using the Cobweb network to connect players of the same or similar instruments. There is a lot of support for this, but as that’s spread between all orchestral instruments, there are probably not enough people to form groups yet (with the possible exception of upper strings). So let us know if this appeals, and we’ll see if events can be organised.

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4) Social events on zoom. We think this has got a lot of potential and already have a small group working on potential events so please sign up if you’d like to keep in touch with other Cobweb players.

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5)  Master classes with professional friends of the orchestra. This possibility attracted the most support and we will definitely be having events fronted by professional musicians in the future. As with no. 3), there are far more string players than others signed up at the moment.

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Cobweb Musical Book Club
Thurs 19 Nov 2020, 6-7pm


We’ll be playing along to and chatting about the first and last movements of Haydn’s symphony 104 the “London”.

There should be plenty to talk about as Haydn’s late symphonies “were the template for the majority of the orchestral music of the nineteenth century” (discuss).

We’ll be using the Breitkopf older issue.

To enrol, please click here.

CVO5 – Fauré’s Pavane


Enrolments are now open for the next Cobweb Virtual Orchestra performance, our fifth.

We will be playing the ever popular Pavane by Gabriel Fauré and working with digital artist Anton Hecht using green screen technology to transport us from our locked down houses to venues around the country, including the Sage, Gateshead.

Here are a few words from Anton about the process:

“The new work will be a green screen orchestra work, meaning that each player will receive a green sheet to hang up in their home. It only need stay up the length of the playing, so can be stuck with masking tape, or a few pins on the top a door frame. It will be worth the effort of hanging it up, as it means we will be able to key out that background and magically transport you to a location, where we will have all of you together playing as an orchestra.”

Everyone is welcome to join the CVO for this, whether you have played in previous performances or not.

There is no fixed fee for taking part, but we hope you will consider making a donation to the Cobweb Orchestra so that we can continue to provide a varied programme of online activities while we are unable to meet in person.

To enrol, please click here

Music themed face coverings with donations to Cobwebs

Please see the below information about the opportunity to buy music themed face coverings from Lin Forsyth with donations from sales going to The Cobweb Orchestra.

Lin has kindly offered £1 from any of her masks bought to be donated to Cobwebs if members make it clear at the time of ordering (up until November 25th). There are still some music themed face coverings in stock – and there are also lots of other designs to choose from (especially with Christmas coming up). It doesn’t have to be a musical one for the donation to go to Cobwebs; the offer will apply to any order placed by 25th November.

You can find more information and see the designs available via her Facebook page:

Carlisle Covid-19 Face Masks for Charity UK, or contact her by email at

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed