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We still have a few events to squeeze in before we finish the term, plus there a notice of a really exciting new event in the new year which you can sign up for now.
If you’re quick: Thursday 10 December, 7-8pm, Alice Jones’ piano trio is doing a festive live stream concert with works by Haydn, Clara Schumann and Tchaikovsky. It would be lovely if some of you can make it!
In this weeks Cobweb News:
– Cobweb Concert Party – this weekend!
– Live Recital with Fenella Humphreys
– Hints and tips for orchestral playing with Amy Yule (principal flute of the Halle)


Cobweb Orchestra Virtual Concert Party
Saturday 12th December, 7pm


Saturday’s Concert Party is full of delectable surprises.

Solos on cello, viola, flute and clarinet and a number of firsts: a duet for oboe and Marimba, an organ which lives in a house rather than a church, and a wind quintet.

There’s already a big audience signed up, but we’ll be able to squeeze squeeze in a few more!

You will be sent the link on Friday.

Live Recital with Fenella Humphries
Thursday 17th December 6-7pm on Zoom. 

Cost £8/10

Recital with Fenella Humphreys (violin) and Daniel Grimwood (piano) Bruch violin concerto no. 1 (in G minor – the famous one).Listen or join in via Zoom (on mute)

Those of you who have heard or played with Fenella or Daniel before will need no encouragement to join them in playing Bruch’s gloriously romantic violin concerto. If you haven’t heard them before, here’s a chance to remedy that.

Fenella and Daniel will be joining us via Zoom from London and, as with previous events using this format, Cobweb players can either play along with the orchestral parts on mute, or listen to the performance.

Parts can be found at :,_Op.26_(Bruch,_Max)

Afterwards, you will have the chance to chat to the performers about the piece and hear their thoughts on it.

AND here is an idea for a pre-Christmas treat, a Musical Advent Calendar which Fenella and Daniel have produced…

This is what they have to say about it:

“We’ve recorded one video for each day from 1st December through until Christmas Day. For just £25 (£1 per day) people will receive a link each day for the new video. The music we’ve recorded is everything from beautiful classical gems through to Christmas favourites. The videos will be available for people to enjoy as long as they’d like. If you’d like to buy it or have it sent to a friend, email me on

Hints and tips for orchestral playing with Amy Yule, principal flute of the Hallé Orchestra
Monday 11th January 7-8 pm on Zoom
Cost £8/10

We didn’t really know what to call this session as it’s a combination of workshop, demonstration, masterclass and seminar. “How to become a better orchestral player” was one suggestion, “The pleasures and pitfalls of playing in an orchestra” was another.

Regardless of what we call it, what will happen is that Amy (who many Cobweb players will know from her time as principal flute of Royal Northern Sinfonia) will look in detail at some passages from Dvorak’s 7th symphony and explain how each instrument contributes to the desired effect. You can join in either by playing whilst muted, or (if you’re happy to demonstrate what you can do) by unmuting so that others can hear. Alternatively, you might wish to attend the session to ask a question, to join in the discussion, or purely as an observer.

Whatever you decide to do, you will get to spend an hour in Amy’s company and find out what makes her such a successful professional musician.

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed