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We’re excited to have two brilliant events in the next week, with very special guests. Do sign up and join us if you would like to, it’d be great to see you.

In this weeks Cobweb News
Live Recital with Alice Jones and Peter Fisher – tomorrow night!
Q&A with Amy Yule
‘Cobwebinars’ in Music Theory and How Orchestral Instruments Work
Music by Heart Group


Live Recital with Alice Jones and Peter Fisher – Brahms Double Concerto
Thursday 28th January, 7pm

After the success of previous live play-along events, we’re delighted to welcome Alice Jones (cello) and Peter Fisher (violin) to play the Brahms Double Concerto in A minor live at Markson Pianos in Central London. They will be joined by Irina Lyakhovskaya who’ll play the orchestral parts so we can play along to the soloists, or you can simply listen.

The music can be found here: Concerto for Violin and Cello, Op.102 (Brahms, Johannes) – IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download and it’s best to use a set of headphones when playing along.

To enrol, please click here. – PLEASE ENROL BEFORE 5PM THURSDAY

Live Q&A Session with Amy Yule
Monday 1st February, 7pm

Following on from the extremely successful event with Amy earlier this month, she has agreed to hold a follow-on Q&A event with more Hints and Tips for Orchestral Playing.

Amy (who many Cobweb players will know from her time as principal flute of Royal Northern Sinfonia) will endeavour to answer in detail your questions from the previous session, but also you can ask more as the session goes on.

To enrol, please click here


A message from Richard Stamp:

If there is enough support, I propose to hold the following “Cobwebinars” (i.e. 6 weekly Zoom meetings) on the following topics. If you are interested please register your interest HERE and once there is enough people to make the group viable we’ll send out a Doodle Poll to find the best possible date/time.


A Music Theory Cobwebinar will cover the following:

• Clefs

• Time Signatures

• Key signatures

• Notes, expression marks and text

• Common abbreviations

• Transposition and why it’s necessary

• Chords and Triads

• The Circle of Fifths

• The theory of Tension and Release in music

• The relationship of chords to each other, and how they are described, e.g. Tonic, Dominant 7th, ii, IV etc.

• Chord inversions and how they are shown, e.g. IV(b), Am/E etc.

• Passing notes and Suspensions

• Changing key and pivot chords

• How to harmonise a tune, e.g. what chords do you strum on a guitar to accompany a tune.

The intention is to help people fill in any blanks they may have in their knowledge, and I will try to keep to what orchestral players will find useful. Questions and challenges will be encouraged on the basis that there is no such thing as a silly question.


A second possible Cobwebinar will be on on how orchestral instruments work. The source material for this is an OU course on the Technology of Music that I undertook some years ago, augmented by the fact that I play or have played: piano (Grade 5), trumpet (Grade 8), flute (Grade 6), horn and guitar.

I propose to look at:

• Stringed Instruments including the Violin family and Bass Viol (I.e. double bass) plus the function of the bow

• Flute and Piccolo

• Oboe

• Clarinet and Saxophone

• Bassoon

• Horn

• Trumpet and Trombone

• Timpani

• Wind and Brass Band instruments

The intention is to help explain the quirks and difficulties that people have to overcome to play their parts. It will include some simple explanation of the physics of each instrument, and sufficient history to explain their presence and/or status in the orchestra over time. People able to play the various instruments will be encouraged to demonstrate them.

‘Music by Heart’ Group

This is a group of 24 players who are meeting on Zoom to try to memorise Mozart’s Symphony no. 40 in G minor.

We had our first meeting last week. It was lovely to see people and we had a good chat about methods of memorisation (one involving an abacus, another involving sleep) and we mapped a way forward for breaking the music into manageable chunks rather than trying to learn it all in one go.

The group is still open to new members, if anyone else fancies this challenge.

Just drop Andy an e-mail if you’re interested –


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Many thanks for your support!

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed