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We had a really great concert on Saturday night. Congratulations to all the performers and thank you to those who supported. Our next Concert Party will be on the 1st May – so do email if you want a slot! Thanks also to everyone who completed the questionnaire; the trustees are really pleased with how many people took the time to complete it and are busy looking at all the results.

In this week’s Cobweb News
Musical Book Club – this Thursday!
Brass Group Update
Live Recital with Helen Farrar
Working Composer – A “Proper Job”?

Cobweb Orchestra Musical Book Club
Thursday 11th March, 7pm

We’re going to be getting more ambitious at the next Book Club as we tackle the 2nd movement from Mahler’s Symphony no. 1 – “The Titan”. Don’t be put off though – remember we can’t hear you play! We’ll be discussing the piece and we value any feedback or discussion you’d like to bring.

You can find the music by clicking here: The trumpet parts are in F, but there are Bb versions which can be sent to anyone who wants them.

To enrol, please click here

Brass Group Update
The 3rd session for the Zoom Brass Group will be on Friday 12th March, 4 – 5pm.
We shall be talking about our favourite pieces for our instruments – orchestral or solo
If anyone new would like to join us, please get in touch with Sue.

Live Recital with Helen Farrar
Thursday 25th March, 7pm

Join us for the next Live Recital where you can play along or simply listen as Helen Farrar plays the amazing Rachmaninov piano concerto no. 2.

You can download your part here:

More info to follow, but in order to get your enrolment in early, please click here

Working Composer – A “Proper Job”?
Tuesday 30th March, 7pm

A “Proper Job”?  Today, with the plethora of media platforms we all indulge in, the expansion of communal creativity within our communities, the focus on social engagement through the arts (Cobweb!), the creation and application of music in all it’s various glorious incarnations has never been so plentiful. My name’s Bill Connor, I’m a Cobweb member and one of the many who earn their living out of creative musical engagement of all kinds….Fancy finding out how, what, where, why,  etc….?Working Composer – A “Proper Job”?  Come and join us Tuesday 30th March 7pm.
Enrol here.

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed