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We’re excited for our concert party this weekend! If you haven’t yet signed up to be in the audience please do ASAP, we’d love to have you support your fellow players. More details below.

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Cobweb Virtual Concert Party – this Saturday!
Cobweb Musical Book Club
Brass Group Update
Make Music Day – a note from Andy

Cobweb Virtual Concert Party – this Saturday!
Saturday 1st May, 7pm
FREE, Donations gratefully accepted

The next Concert Party is upon us, and we have some brilliant entries of performers waiting to share their hard work with you. We have some Chopin being performed, a harp demonstration and some lovely flute music, as well as few pre-recorded videos to enjoy.
We hope you can join us to support the performers whilst enjoying an evening in watching a concert.
To enrol either as audience or performer, please click here – you’ll receive the Zoom link tomorrow night.

Cobweb Musical Book Club
Thursday 13th May, 7pm


Andy has decided that it’s time to go for something big, so…. we’re going for the Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet fantasy overture. It’s got everything – drama, passion, great tunes, all instruments involved. (And no-one else can hear you, so perfect time to have a go!)You can download your music here:
But be careful to scroll down and download Bote & Bock 1881 version C.

To enrol, please click here

Brass Group Update
The Cobweb Brass Group is still going strong! About eight or nine of us meet on Zoom for an hour or so every 4 weeks and chat about all things brassy, whether it be to do with our own instruments, playing/performing, music available etc etc.  Our last session was on anecdotes and we heard some fabulous stories.  Our next session is on Friday 7th May, 4-5pm and one topic on the agenda is playing outdoors.  If you’d like to join us for a fun hour on Zoom then please contact Sue Baker via email

Make Music Day – a note from Andy

A date for your diaries – Monday 21st June 7 pm 

Every year, music societies around the world celebrate Make Music Day on 21st June.

In 2021, if everything goes to plan, that is the day when all Covid restrictions in England will be lifted and groups of people will be able to play music together again.

This will be a significant date for musicians, so we’re planning a Virtual Concert Party to celebrate.

As usual, everyone will welcome to play, sing, recite, demonstrate, make jokes, etc. but the big difference is that some of you might be able to meet up and play live, sharing your performance with the audience via Zoom.

Log the date now, as your diaries might well start filling up quickly with delayed and postponed events.


That’s all from me this week, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at the concert party.
Best wishes,
Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed