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We enjoyed a lovely concert party on Saturday – thank you to all those who performed, and supported for making it such a great event.  We’re fast approaching being able to play in-person again, and we have a live event planned for Sunday 23rd May 2-6pm. There’s a brilliantly balanced orchestra formed, but we still have space for one clarinet player and an oboist.

In this week’s Cobweb News

Cobweb Musical Book Club
Tyneside Cobwebs – Virtual Play AlongCobweb Musical Book Club
Thursday 13th May, 7pm
On Zoom, £4/5Andy has decided that it’s time to go for something big, so…. we’re going for the Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet fantasy overture. It’s got everything – drama, passion, great tunes, all instruments involved. (And no-one else can hear you, so perfect time to have a go!)

You can download your music here:
But be careful to scroll down and download Bote & Bock 1881 version C.

To enrol, please click here

Tyneside Cobwebs – Virtual Play Along

The Tyneside group has had great fun playing along with works with Andy leading for the past 2 months. As this will be our final virtual play along (hopefully!) before returning to live playing in June (hopefully!), we are inviting other members to join us if they wish. Unfortunately there are only 5 places available as we limit our playing to one zoom screen, but first come first served. Any instrument is welcome (although we don’t have xylophone parts in the event that that amazing winner from Young Musician of the Year wants to play!), as we are all muted the actual mix is not important.

The format is Andy plays a track, you play along to your own music which you have previously downloaded. Andy provides guidance with cards showing rehearsal marks or bar number. We are all muted so you hear the track & yourself! But you see everyone. It costs £4 per session & dates are Wednesdays 19th & 26th May & 2nd June 1-2pm. Here is the music for this month:

1) Chabrier – Espana

A fun piece with loads for the brass to get their teeth into – and the trumpet parts are even in Bb.

2) Holst – Jupiter from “The Planets”

Again, plenty for everyone and a chance to play that wonderful tune “I vow to thee, my country”. Bb trumpet parts and bass clef trombone parts available.

3) Mendelssohn – Symphony no. 4 “Italian”

This always comes out near the top of the list whenever people are asked what they would like to play.

If you wish to participate, please contact

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed