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We had a great session with Joe Davies last week discussing French music and hearing some really interesting examples. Thank you to Joe for another really informative session – we hope to see him in person soon.

We told you of Ian Potts’ passing a few weeks ago and the Tebay members who knew him have put together some lovely memories which you can read here.

We’ve got a little break in events now, but these are activities later this month to give you time to think about getting involved.

In this week’s Cobweb News:
Cobweb Musical Book Club
Make Music Day Concert Event
Live Event in Spennymoor

Cobweb Musical Book Club
Thursday 17th June, 7pm
Cost £4/5Bruckner 4 “The Romantic” 1st movementSo, we thought we’d go for something really big this time and people are always requesting Bruckner, but we rarely have the chance to play any. So here we are! Remember you’ll be on mute, and it’s a nice chance to tackle something we wouldn’t normally in a live rehearsal.

The music is available here:

There are no Bb trumpet parts but there are Eb parts which are a bit easier to use.If anyone is following the score rather than their own part, it’s the 2nd version (ed. Haas) we’re using. The 1936 Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag copy is easier to read than the Dover one.

To enrol, please click here

Make Music Day Concert Event
Monday 21st June, 7pm
Every year, music societies around the world celebrate Make Music Day on 21st June. So to join with these celebrations, we have a lovely event being planned and we are inviting you to join in as a performer or as an audience member.
As usual, everyone will welcome to play, sing, recite, demonstrate, make jokes, etc. but the big difference is that some of you might be able to meet up and play live, sharing your performance with the audience via Zoom. We are hoping, that as restrictions are lifted slightly, you might want to gather a small group of friends to play chamber music, quartets, duets and perform as part of this celebration.  We will of course still accept solo performances too, but we know lots of you are already getting together so please, share your music with everyone!

To enrol either as a performer or an audience member, please click here

Live Event
Saturday 26th June, 11-4pm
St. Paul’s Centre, Spennymoor, DL16 7LR
The next live event will be on Saturday 26 June, 11-4pm in Spennymoor. Despite any changes that may be announced to restrictions, we are continuing to work on the basis of a full risk assessment and very strict procedures will be in place to ensure that the event is safe. Participants must commit to reading and adhering to a checklist of rules that will be provided in advance.

We know you will understand that we need to run this at a limited capacity, and we will be looking for a balanced orchestra – so places left are limited – we’d particularly like to see some more violinists, an oboist and a clarinettist.

To find out more about the safety guidelines and procedures, you can find the Risk Assessment here, the participants checklist here and the trustees return to Live Music document here.


Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed