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We had a lovely celebration for ‘Make Music Day’, looking back at our online efforts over the last year and hearing some great performances and demonstrations from Cobwebbers. Congratulations to everyone who took part and a special thanks to Emma for recapping our CVO journey.

Our friend Iona Brown (violin) is doing a recital with David Murray on Sunday at 3pm and there are still tickets left to view it live as well as live-streamed. Iona is donating her fee to  For more information and tickets, please visit: Dyad – The Globe (

In this week’s Cobweb News:
Mozart Day – Saturday 17th July
Words from The Chair of the trustees
York Group Update

Mozart Day
Saturday 17th July

Askham and Helton Village Hall
Askham, Penrith, CA10 2PF
Cost £12/15

Now that we’re getting back into live events, we thought we’d ease you in with a day of Mozart. The day’s music will be chosen once we know who will be coming, so please sign up!

Despite any changes that may be announced to restrictions, we are continuing to work on the basis of a full risk assessment and very strict procedures will be in place to ensure that the event is safe. Participants must commit to reading and adhering to a checklist of rules that will be provided in advance. The event will be limited to 30 people, unless the restrictions change, so please do register your interest if you would like to join.

To enrol, please click here

Words from The Chair of the trustees: Update on live rehearsal
As you know, stage 4 of the government’s “roadmap to recovery” has provisionally been rescheduled for 19 July. In the meantime, there are no major changes in government advice. So, for
now, the policies and protocols we set in place to guide the resumption of group rehearsals remain in place. Some refinements have been made following our pilot event, but they remain arduous, and have raised some difficult issues. Nevertheless 2 weekly groups have already resumed rehearsals, 2 more plan to start this week, and others are working hard to restart when possible. Sadly, not all groups will be able to start until the restrictions are lifted. Group trustees, secretaries, leaders and members have worked hard to achieve the progress made so far, for which we are grateful.

Our second open event is on schedule for 26 June. Here are some learning points from our first openevent, and these apply to weekly rehearsals as well:

  • Arrive early to allow time to set up, but avoid a long queue at the door
  • Go directly to your seat, however tempting it is to talk to a friend you have not seen for months! You will have an opportunity to catch up outside during breaks.
  • String players (who should, as far as possible, wear a mask throughout the rehearsal) found a paper surgical mask much more tolerable than a cloth one
  • The purpose of the breaks between the playing sessions is to clear the room of potentially contaminated air, by opening doors and windows. During this time all players should leave the room as quickly as possible.
I think we are all suffering increasingly from “COVID regulation fatigue”, and that, combined with what I assume is a high rate of double vaccination amongst our members, may tempt us to ease off and bend the rules. We must resist that, and persist in our efforts to protect all our players and our reputation, while remaining hopeful that “normality” is not far away.
Michael Cave


York Group Update
The York group have also been busy helping to keep the ‘Cobweb spirit’ alive during lockdown by holding fortnightly Zoom sessions. In anticipation of their first in-person rehearsal this week, they held an ‘end of Zoom’ celebration and created this short video, accompanied by music from Elgar’s delightful ‘Wand of Youth’ Suite, looking back at 25 sessions over 14 months:[If the slides look blurry, try setting the ‘quality’ to 1080p or 720p using the cogwheel on the bar under the video.]
Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed