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Summerhill Concert Party Picnic – this Saturday!
GPO/Composers and Arrangers
Haydn Symphonies Project
200 Club
A musical premiere at Dipton
Tyneside group

Summerhill Concert Party Picnic
Saturday 7th August
Winchester Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 6EH

FREE – donations gratefully recieved
To enrol, please click here

August kicks off on Sunday 7th with an Al Fresco Concert Party and Picnic at Summerhill Pavilion in Newcastle. The idea is similar to the Zoom Concert parties we ran throughout lockdown: anybody who would like to entertain others lets me know, and a programme will be put together consisting of several short items (solos, duets, small ensembles, recitations, demonstrations, etc. Of course, it will be unlike the Zoom events in that we will all be in the same space at the same time and will be able to socialise (in a responsible fashion) and eat our picnics on the bowling green.

Another difference from what we’ve been doing over the last year is that we’ll be able to play together. Once we know who intends coming along, we will find some music that should work and we can entertain the residents of Summerhill Terrace. At the moment, the weather doesn’t look good, so we plan to be indoors which means places remain very limited – enrol soon if you’d like to come along!

GPO/Composers and Arrangers Day
Sunday 22nd August
Eldon Community Centre, Main Road, Bishop Auckland DL14 8XB

FREE – donations gratefully received
To enrol for this event, please click here

On Sunday 22nd August, we have a Guinea Pig Orchestra event at Eldon, near Bishop Auckland. The GPO hasn’t convened for a while, but the basic idea is that players come together to allow themselves to be experimented on.

The Composers and Arrangers’ Group was busy during lockdown creating new pieces for us to play when we were back to live events again, and this is the first opportunity to try them out. We have a brilliant spread of instruments joining us already for this event but we really could do with more string players!

Haydn Symphonies Project
Saturday 28th August

Wylam Institute
Cost: £12/15
To enrol – please click here

Haydn Project Resumes!

Nobody was expecting that our meeting at Wylam in January 2020 would be our last for 18 months so I am really excited to be able to to announce the resumption of this project with our 15th session.

We have now looked at 79 symphonies and will be resuming our journey in 1782,  The symphonies I hope to look at are 76, 77,78,79,80 & 81.  All of these symphonies have parts for strings, flute, oboes, bassoons, and horns.   Clarinets are welcome to join us and oboe parts transposed for Bb clarinets will be available.

The day will be subject to any ongoing Government & Cobweb Trustees’ regulations and guidance and it is hoped that there will be some relaxations by this date.  Further information will be provided nearer to the date.

The preparation of parts for this project is time consuming and it would be appreciated if you could enrol as soon as possible so that I know how many parts I need to prepare in case there is still be no stand sharing and if music has to be quarantined in pads for 3 days before use (the parts for these symphonies are not on IMSLP).  This also allows time to fill any holes we may have in the orchestra.

I look forward to seeing you all again at Wylam on 28 August.

Peter Wood


200 CLUB

The 200 club is a fundraising, fun project. Half of income raised is donated to Cobwebs funds & the other half is given out as prize money. A “ticket” is only £2 paid monthly & you can have more than one if you wish.
Thanks to all participants!
If anyone would like to join in please contact:


A musical premiere 
Thursday 19th August
7:15 – 9:00 pm
Dipton Community Centre

The Life and Times of South Medomsley Pit
Before the pandemic (the heady days before masks and hand sanitiser), the Dipton group applied for a grant to cover a project to represent musically the history of the local pit that existed in Dipton. The aim is to work towards a performance in Dipton, which was due to take place last autumn. Like everything else this has been delayed because of Covid-19 restrictions, but the hope is we may be able to soon rearrange a performance date.

A central part of the project was the commissioning of a new work by Andy, which he has now completed. The piece is called “Absence” and is dedicated to our much-missed bass player, Bernard Haston. So, it seems a good time to play through this new work for the first time with Andy at Dipton.  Our usual weekly fee applies and you can pay in the usual way.

Hopefully enough players will be available and if you can make it, please e-mail so parts can be sorted. Please say if you prefer 1st or 2nd parts.

Tyneside Group
Wednesdays 4th-25th August
1 pm-3 pm
St Matthews Hall
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Tyneside Cobweb group will be meeting for rehearsals in Newcastle for 4 weeks during August. We have a new venue which is larger, but we are still limiting our numbers so we have a small number of places available. The venue is near to Summerhill where we previously rehearsed. There is no on site parking but nearby free parking can be found within 5-10 mins walk. Large instruments can be dropped off prior to parking.

If anyone would like to join us on one or more of the rehearsal weeks, you’ll be most welcome (especially cellos!)

To check whether places are available, please contact Christine Ball:
Tel. 0790 5684537

Posted by Tracy Reed