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I hope you’ve had a good week and survived the storm ok. There was a wonderful event last weekend with Helen Farrar in Appleby; thanks to all those who participated and of course to Helen and Andy. We hope to put on a concert of it soon so if you weren’t able to make it – watch this space!

In this week’s Cobweb News:
Cobweb Orchestra Covid-19 Policies – another update
Haydn Symphonies Project
Brundibar Festival Concert
Sedbergh Residential – update

Cobweb Orchestra Covid-19 Policies – update
The vaccination programme now gives the great majority of us substantial protection from the severe effects of COVID, so we currently enjoy much more freedom than at this time last year. However, we have sobering advice from the scientific community that the situation will worsen over the winter, and the severity of the problem will be largely determined by our behaviour. The trend on the rest of Europe is worrying, and the Omicron variant is already in the UK.
Some members have expressed concern that our attention to precautionary measures at some rehearsals are slipping. This was discussed at a recent Trustees’ meeting. We agreed that we should re-affirm our commitment to sensible and appropriate precautions as we move in to winter. Unless mandated by law, we do not believe that we should dictate how individuals must behave by re-imposing rigid rules across the board. Each weekly group has, or should have, a core team responsible for applying whatever measures are appropriate to their local circumstances.  I would ask them all to review their protocols at this point, in close consultation with their players, based on the updated (November 2021) guidance posted on our website under policies and forms. You may now or at any time make as face coverings mandatory for your group if deemed necessary. I would draw your particular attention to the section on ventilation, which is perhaps the most important concern now, but more inconvenient as colder weather approaches.  Carbon dioxide monitors may be very helpful to determine the need for ventilation breaks, and cost around £60-70. Should a group wish to buy one, we will reimburse the cost up to £70 provided it is used solely in Cobweb Orchestra sessions.
Regardless of how safe you feel personally, or how fed up you are with restrictions (and I admit I am that person!), please be kind to those amongst us who are more vulnerable and need to be protected.  Distancing, masking and wearing warm clothing, whether or not you believe they are necessary, are small sacrifices to make for the wellbeing of friends.  I do hope we can strike a balance that enables all of us to enjoy playing together over the winter.
Michael Cave
On behalf of the Cobweb Orchestra Trustees

Haydn Symphonies Project
Saturday 11th December, 11-4pm
St. Matthew’s Church Hall, Summerhill, NE4 6EJ
Cost: £12/£15

To enrol for Haydn, please click here.

Join us as we squeeze one more event in before Christmas in the next instalment of the Haydn Symphonies Project.
We have now looked at 85 symphonies and will be resuming our journey in 1785, The symphonies I hope to look at are four of the Paris Symphonies 83 (La Poule), 84, 85 (La Reine) and 87 together with symphonies 89 and 91. All of these symphonies have parts for strings, flute, oboes, bassoons, and horns. Clarinets are welcome to join us and oboe parts transposed for Bb clarinets will be available.
The day will be subject to any ongoing Covid precautions and guidance given by Cobwebs Trustees. Further information will be provided nearer to the date.
The preparation of parts for this project is time consuming and it would be appreciated if you could enrol as soon as possible so that I know how many parts I need to prepare. This also allows time to fill any holes we may have in the orchestra.
I look forward to seeing you all again at St. Matthews on 11 December.
Peter Wood

Brundibar Festival Concert
Sunday 16th January (rehearsal) and Sunday 23rd January (Concert)

Rehearsal: 2-6pm venue tbc.
Concert: 6pm, Jesmond URC, Burdon Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE2 3AE (there will be a rehearsal on the day between 2-5pm)

To enrol for Brundibar, please click here.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Sasha and the Brundibar Festival again early next year, and you are all invited to participate in our first concert for a long time! The rehearsal will be on Sunday 16th November, 2-6pm and the concert is on Sunday 23rd January. There will be a rehearsal on the day between 2-5pm and the concert is at 6pm and will last for around 1hr. We need to put forward a balanced orchestra for this event, so please do sign up quickly to secure a place.

The dress code for the concert is our usual concert dress: black bottoms, white top and a waistcoat/neckwear of any colour.

As this is a charity event we won’t be charging our normal rate but the costs are to cover our small admin charge and rehearsal venue hire so it will be £5 for members, £6.50 for non-members. You will be able to donate to the festival on the day, as I know many of you like to support Sasha and the festival.

All music will be provided and the repertoire for the concert is as follows:

Rosy Wertheim – Overture
Dvorak – Romance for Violin and Orchestra (soloist Alexandra Raikhlina)
Vorisek – Symphony in D
Dvorak – Czech Suite – Furiant (Encore)

Sedbergh Residential – update
We have reported previously that the Sedbergh residential next year will be going ahead, as long as Covid regulations allow it. So this is to confirm that this is still the case – we are booked for Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April 2022. We have had discussion with the school and in order to avoid the bottlenecks at meal times we expect to operate 2 sittings for lunch & dinner and possibly breakfast too. As you know the Powell Hall where we play is very large and we expect to be able to manage social distancing successfully. We still hope to hold the cocktail party but will be managing the space where this takes place.
We realise some people may not be comfortable with the residential aspect of Sedbergh, but we hope that many of us will attend, if not as a resident then at least as a day(s) visitor.
We will be opening booking in early January and will be in touch with everyone then. We should know by end February whether it is going to be feasible. We are soooooo looking forward to our first Cobweb residential for 2 years!
Andy & Christine

Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed