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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break and are now raring to go for the new term. We are excited to be able to plan our first concerts and residentials for a long time, and hope that you can join us. There’s a lot left for us to still shape up for this term, so more information is coming but we hope you have a lovely start back to your groups.

In this week’s Cobweb News:
Advertisement for new Musical Director
COVID update January 2022
Brundibar Festival Concert

Advertisement for new Musical Director, and a date for your diary

After 26 years of providing inspiration, leadership, musical and strategic direction, mentorship, pastoral care and sheer hard work,  Andy Jackson will finally step down as our Creative Director in Autumn this year. He will be sorely missed and we will be keen to show him our appreciation during the remainder of his tenure. We are now seeking to appoint a new musical director and the advertisement for the post, along with a job description and application details, can be found here:
Please pass this on to anyone whom you think may be suitable for the post. Shortlisted applicants will be assessed on Saturday 26 March 2022, and this will include both an engagement session with members and a session conducting an orchestra. So if you are interested in taking part in this very important activity, keep the date free.

Michael Cave
On behalf of the Trustees

COVID update January 2022
Moving into the new year and the resumption of Cobweb Orchestra sessions, there are no major changes to the guidelines and procedures issued in November and the update on masks in December. These can be found at
Masks continue to be mandatory while indoors unless playing a wind instrument, and any person’s request to be given 2m distancing must be respected.  Other than that, the local group teams continue to have flexibility regarding the level of restrictions to be applied, based on local circumstances and the views of members. Open events will be individually risk assessed and players informed of what to expect.
Clearly the cold weather makes ventilation a major challenge. The use of a COmonitor to guide the need for ventilation is strongly recommended. These cost £60-70, and the cost of one monitor per group may be reimbursed on receipt of an invoice from the group secretary to our treasurer, provided it is used solely for Cobweb orchestra sessions.  The monitor should be placed at around head height away from any open doors or windows, and at least 1m away from players.  Ventilation breaks should be taken to keep the COlevel below 800-1000ppm.
In addition, we strongly recommend that you reduce the risk to yourself and others by having a negative lateral flow test prior to attending an event. Also, the risk to yourself and others is lower if you are fully vaccinated. Proof of neither will be required: we ask and trust our members to regulate their own behaviour responsibly and respectfully.

Michael Cave
Chair Cobweb Orchestra Trustees

Brundibar Festival Concert
Sunday 23rd January, 6pm
United Reform Church, Jesmond, Burdon Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3AE


As part of The Brundibar Festival’s “Inspirational Women” series, players from the Cobweb Orchestra will be performing Rosy Wertheim’s Overture, along with some brilliant works by Dvorak and Voříšek and is not to be missed. With all the proceeds going toward supporting the Brundibár Arts Festival ( which we have supported for a number of years now. We’re very much looking forward to our first concert in a very long time and would love to see some friendly faces in the audience!
Get your tickets here

That’s all for this week, we’ll be back with more information on the Spring programme soon, and I hope you all enjoy the safe return to your group rehearsals.
Lorna Wright
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Tracy Reed