Cobweb News Extra – 25.01.2013

Dear All,
An unusual opportunity for Cobweb players!
But then we’re pretty good at doing ‘unusual’ . . .
We’ve been asked by a Newcastle based band “X is For Eyes” if we can provide a small orchestra (strings and brass only) for the shooting of a music video. The band can be heard on YouTube
The filming will take place at The Customs House, South Shields, from 6pm on Tuesday 5th February.
Now for the quirky bit . . . we will not be playing our instruments but miming to the track for the video. The dress code is all black (but . . . “if you’s wear suits and stuff normally, that would look sweet”).
If you would like to be involved in this rather different project, please email Andy
by 12noon, Monday 28th January.
Chamber Orchestra Residential Weekend
Earlier in the week I emailed you details of a possible Chamber Orchestra Residential.
This is just a gentle nudge to email Andy by 30th January if you are interested.
I’m sure there are more of you out there who haven’t yet emailed!

Posted by Sue Baker