Come and Play at Ludworth – Our First Taster Session

We had our first taster session on Saturday 19 January. If you missed it, you’ll have to come to Ludworth on a Tuesday evening, 7 – 9 pm. and players who were there will be able to tell you all about it.

Thanks to the four tutors who provided interesting explanations with demonstrations on their own instruments, and who supported the players in each section of the orchestra by pointing things out in the music, giving technical advice, and playing along: Peter Gulbis from our Billingham Group in the string section, Laura Reavley, our Morpeth Group leader, in the wind section, Clare Carr who used to conduct the Billingham group in the brass section, and our Cobweb guest conductor Mark Edwards in the percussion section. There were new players and current Cobwebbers who came along to try something new, including our events coordinator Lorna.

Here are some comments we received about the day:

“Congratulations on putting together a wonderful day at Ludworth…It was impressive. I so enjoyed the challenge of a new instrument in a friendly and welcoming setting.”

“There was a positive, happy ‘buzz’ throughout.”

“What a fab time we all had…what a lot of work you must have put in prior to today. Thanks so much, never thought I would get this far.”

“Super fun and very instructive. Excellent support from the section leaders.”

“Well run, lots of advice and help. Excellent music, various, great choices. Very friendly. Great day!!”

“A great mix of well-known and new (music). All fab to play. Brilliant idea – keep doing it!”

Yes we will! Hope this will tempt you to come along to the next taster session on Saturday 11 May. (Put the date in your diary now!) There’ll be more fun, more music and more to learn. (One suggestion was for me “to write a Cobwebs’ Guide to the Rudiments of Music”…)

Tracy Reed
(Ludworth Conductor)

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