#46 Coming Up This Term (Autumn 2010)

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Two new things are happening in the coming months, one involving ‘cellist, composer and conductor Greg Pullen and the other with Director of the Sage Gateshead, Anthony Sargent.
Many Cobweb players will know Greg for his virtuosity on the ‘cello and may have played some of his popular pieces such as “Sir Bob and Sir Ted” or “Beethoven comes to tea”, but few will have been conducted by him… yet.
In September, Greg is starting up a regular weekly group in Spennymoor, Co. Durham, so if you know anyone who lives near the Spennyopolis conurbation, who would like to play in an orchestra and who is free on Wednesday evenings, tell them about it.
Establishing this group (our eighth) means that if you have the time and energy (and enjoy travelling), you can be part of a Cobweb Orchestra every weekday night of the week: Dalston or Middlesbrough on Mondays.  Morpeth (note the change from Newbiggin) or Tebay on Tuesdays. Wednesday is Spennymoor.  York or Consett on Thursdays. Then there’s always the Sage, Gateshead on Wednesday afternoons for people who prefer making music during the daylight hours.
Of course, that still leaves the weekends to fill up with opportunities to bow and blow. Here are some details:
Anthony Sargent has been conducting Cobwebs for many years now and we all benefit from his musical insights, sense of style and attention to detail. This year he will be delving into Mozart’s Requiem again and conducting it in a concert at Bishop Auckland Town Hall on Sunday 14th November along with symphony no. 39 in Eb also by Mozart.
Of course, Cobwebs had been conducted by Anthony before and we’ve played at Bishop Auckland before. What’s new about this event is that we’re going to try and link together activities over two weekends to give more continuity and to aim at a more coherent final performance. Players often say “That performance could have been even better if we’d had longer to rehearse it”. So, we’ll be rehearsing the symphony in Gateshead Old Town Hall on Saturday 6th November and the Requiem on Saturday 13th November as well as both pieces on the day of the concert.
We hope that most players will be able to attend all three days so that they can get as much as possible out of the experience of being directed by someone as thorough and inspiring as Anthony. Three days over two weekends sounds expensive, but there’ll be reductions for people who sign up to the whole timetable.
Other weekends throughout the Autumn are also crowded out with Cobweb events covering the whole of our extensive geographical range and a huge swathe of repertoire from Schumman’s “Spring” symphony with Chris Griffiths to Light Orchestral Music with Peter Crompton, and English Baroque Music with Peter Wood to a melange of Haydn’s “Nicknamed” symphonies with Catherine Shackell. We’re also playing Beethoven’s 9th symphony with soloists and chorus at Middlesbrough Town Hall.
Then, as usual, as Christmas approaches we’ll have the traditional “Do it yourself” residential at Ridley Hall and for the first time this year a Guinea Pig Orchestra musical party to which all are invited (you don’t have to be a guinea pig).
Details of all these delights are in the diary which accompanies this newsletter, and you’ll be sent regular reminders and enrolment forms by Catherine as the term progresses.
By Andy Jackson

Posted by Catherine Shackell