Coronavirus: A new message from John Bond, on behalf of the Trustees

John Bond, the Chair of our Trustees, is coordinating the orchestra’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic on behalf of Trustees. It would be extremely helpful to Andy and Lorna if you do not overload them with queries that they are not currently in a position to answer. 

Please read John’s letter below, or click here to download the letter.

If you have any queries, please email:

Dear Colleagues,

During these troubling times I thought it would be helpful if I provided an update about how the Trustees are responding to the impact of the Coronavirus on the Cobweb Orchestra.

Firstly, I would like to thank those of you who donated so generously to the Orchestra by forgoing reimbursements for the cancellation of the Sedbergh residential weekend and the Strauss workshop. It was heartening that so many of you felt able to contribute thus giving us a little bit of wriggle room in the months ahead.

Secondly, I would like to reassure everyone that the Trustees will be working very hard with our Creative Director to ensure the continuing success of the Orchestra once the social distancing restrictions are no longer necessary and normal social activity can resume. It is difficult to provide any certainty about when this crisis will be over and when we will be given the all clear to return to normal social life. Optimists in the Government are indicating that it will be at least six months before social restrictions can be lifted while pessimists, myself included, believe that it could be more like a year.

This timescale has major implications for how we continue to pay our contractors, particularly our Creative Director and Event Manager. Our main task over the forthcoming weeks is to find ways to ensure that we maintain sufficient financial reserves to be able to resume activities when circumstances allow. A number of you have suggested ways in which we might generate income for the Orchestra. The Trustees will be reviewing suggestions in the forthcoming weeks. If you have suggestions about how the Trustees could raise income on behalf of the orchestra please would you send them to me at and I will summarise and forward to other Trustees. Please do not send them to Andy or Lorna whose inboxes are already overloaded and they would then have to forward onto me.

During these troubling times, it is good to talk with people and maintain E-mail correspondence, but it would be extremely helpful to Andy and Lorna if you do not overload them with queries that they are not currently in a position to answer. If you do have queries, please contact first your Group Trustee, Group Secretary or myself at the address above. Rest assured that as soon as we know something then we will communicate with you via Group secretaries, on the website or in Lorna’s regular newsletter.

Stay well, stay safe and keep practising!

John Bond, on behalf of the Cobwebs Trustees

Posted by Tracy Reed