A message from John Bond, on behalf of the Cobwebs Trustees

As Chair of the Cobwebs Trustees, I am writing in response to the Coronavirus Outbreak. It is looking increasingly clear from my reading of the scientific evidence that the Coronavirus Outbreak may be more serious than the previous virus scares of SARS and bird ‘flu. It is, therefore, highly likely that there will be a significant increase in the occurrence of the disease in the UK in the next few weeks. Infection by the virus can present with relatively mild symptoms, and people may be unaware that they are carrying the disease. It would therefore be prudent as individuals if we were to take the following actions so that Cobweb Events are not implicated in any wider spread of the disease:

  1. Those who returning from overseas trips should stay away from Cobweb Groups and Events for at least 7 days after their return and should follow the Government advice below before attending Cobweb Groups and Events
  2. Anyone who has cold or flu symptoms – fever, headache, muscle pain, cough – should also stay away from Cobweb Groups and Events for at least 14 days after the symptoms have ceased.
  3. We should suspend shared lunches and the provision of unwrapped biscuits and other food at Cobweb Groups and events. We will just all have to bring our own.
  4. Finally, we should attempt to control our friendly contact greetings by avoiding hugs and handshakes etc.

The Government has already proposed some of these restrictions and in the interests of everyone’s health it would be good practice to follow these recommendations. Government guidance can be found by clicking the link below:

Coronavirus: Government Guidance

We will be monitoring the changing situation and, if necessary, will be in touch again about our activities in the light of any updated Government advice.

Posted by Tracy Reed