“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – A twittertale

1:1 She was a pretty girl (enemies admitted that) but didn’t look it pressed in a corner of a practise room, vomit dribbling from her mouth.
1:2 The girl was Sonia Said, daughter of a Palestinian diplomat who insisted on a liberal education which included learning to play the violin.
1:3 The practice room was in a hall purpose-built for the Orchestra of the Age of Reason: a specialist band led by the charismatic Norbert Major.
1:4 Sonia was the newest member of the orchestra. She had auditioned well and “Nobs” thought an attractive middle-eastern girl good for business.
1:5 Reason Hall, OAR’s rehearsal venue, built at public expense, sponsored by DillTech, was courgette-shaped. Locals called it “the Dilldome”.
1:6 Barny Quinn (1st vln) was less convinced than Nobs by Son’s musical qualities but was drawn to her romantically, as were many other players.
1:7 Admin staff also were also captivated, particularly Jen Singer, Director of Outward Sound, whose attention Sonia found especially unwelcome.