“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 11

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – The crossword being compiled by bass player Yuri Jones seems to suggest that he knows more about the circumstances surrounding Sonia’s death than he’s so far revealed.
11:1 “I agree with Yuri“, declared Natalie Katz cleaning out her oboe. “This orchestra typifies the triumph of style over substance. Like Vivaldi.”
11:2 “Or Rameau.” Charity added, emptying water from her horn. “How facile was that “A Reasonable Entertainment” we showcased in May? I hated it”
11:3 “Professional orchestras are full of players who hate music. Like teachers who can’t stand children,” announced Rob dismantling his bassoon.
11:4 “The “Unreasonable expense” was a delicacy devoid of historical or artistic validity dreamt up by His Nobs for sophisticates to be seen at”
11:5 Trapped and bored, the musicians had forgotten Sonia and reverted to default mode: bitching about management, the audience and each other.
11:6 Cid’s Andy H. recognising a volatile situation, decided to unlock the doors and send them home for the night. “Good idea” agreed Jim Winter.
11:7 JW “They’ll all be back in the morning rehearsing for a tour starting Friday.” AH “Three days to explain Sonia’s demise? No pressure, then”