“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 12

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – The musicians from the Orchestra of the Age of Reason have been allowed home for the night. But a new tour starts in only three days time, putting pressure on CID’s Andy Hepplethwaite’s to explain Sonia Said’s death before they become unavailable for questioning.
12:1 As Andy Hepplethwaite watched the staff file out, looking for clues in their faces, someone rushed up the stairs who he had not seen before.
12:2 The girl spoke breathlessly “Sorry. Been in the library. Virtually live there really. Why’s everyone only just leaving. What’s going on?”
12:3 Jim filled her in. “It’s Sonia, Lilly. She’s dead. Didn’t you know? We had no idea you were in today or we’d have come to tell you”.
12:4 “Dead? Killed herself, you mean“. “You’re not surprised” said Andy “Did you know her well?” ““Very. She spent loads of time in the library“
12:5 “She liked it. It’s quiet. The others never come down there. She hated them all really, with their snide remarks and accusations. Even Rob“.
12:6 “What accusations?“ Jim was interested “They said that she bribed her way into the job, or worse. You know what they‘re like” explained Lily
12:7 “I’m afraid poor Sonia’s death is shedding a harsh light on our little organisation, officer” added Jim Winter. “What must you think of us?”