“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 13

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – The Orchestra of the Age of Reason’s librarian, Lily was late to hear of Sonia’s death, but it came as no surprise to her, and she has revealed yet more uncomfortable information about the organisation.
13:1 “What I think doesn’t matter unless it‘s backed up by facts. All I‘ve yet heard is idle gossip. Maybe our MO has something more concrete.”
13:2 “I think I should go back upstairs to help manage the media flack” Jim replied. “Perhaps Lily could help you find your way around.”
13:3 “No probs, Jimbo” sang Lily as she led Andy through doors which opened at a wave of her identity card onto secret stairs and storerooms.
13:4 Andy chatted to Lily easily and he shared his image of Sonia – outwardly gregarious and confident but inwardly insecure. Lily largely agreed
13:5 She corrected some biographical details: “Son looked super-rich but wasn’t really. The Said’s paid for her education, then left her alone.”
13:6 “Expensive clothes came from credit cards and Oxfam. To-die-for violin from a US charity. Penthouse belonged to her Dad‘s business-buddy”
13:7 “I thought Mr. Said was a diplomat?” wondered Andy “He’s that too. All her family seem to multi-task. Here we are. Room C2. Where‘s Son?”